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Will Arsene’s boys stand up to the challenge?

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, soccer by clash on March 4, 2008

It is definitely going to be a defining moment! Can Arsenal crush, AC Milan and move on to the quarter finals of Champions League. If they can, it will be nice from a team which has surpassed my expectations this season. At the start of the season, i did not expect Arsenal to be leading the premier league table in March but they are. I wrote about a decent run which the team will have, but now ‘decent’ should be replaced with a befitting word which will rightly encapsulate their league dominance. So, at San Siro, I expect the team to reinvigorate (From the last 5 matches) and play a full throttle match which might put the Milanese club in trouble as most of their contingent is an aging lot.

The first leg at Emirates drew as Adebayor’s header in the dying minutes cannoned off the bar. I hope, our agility and vivacity will help us in nicking a goal or two against Milan which might put us in the driving seat. Conceding an early goal will not be a good idea and i hope, it doesn’t happen so. If it happens, it will be really difficult to open up Milan and score and this is where their experience might come in to use. They will hold on with patience and might wreck our chances by slotting in another in the dying minutes when we scramble to equalise. I am not the one who should give a discourse on tactics as the team would have been fed all kind of possibilities for a win by the Manager.

I am expecting a win, as that is what i want from Arsenal always . I still feel a win over Chelsea in league will kindle more joy in me than this tie.

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