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Ban the shortcuts to god!

Posted in Ashray, divinity, God, God Bless You, GOD Tv, Pat Robertson, politics, Rev. Dinakaran, Sanskar, Spirituality, USA by clash on February 26, 2008

Occasionally I embark on a trip: Switch on GOD TV, inevitably I have to admit that I am turning out to be a big fan of the epileptic preachers who appear on it. Big gatherings from India, especially south India appear on this channel, where devotees clap their hands and sing hymns and occasionally beat the pulp out of their heart. This really enchants me and I fall in to a trance. Sorry to say, not because of the preacher or the prayer (which I hardly listen to) but seeing the thespian act put up in this show. People who gather in front of these violent, epileptic preachers are definitely more blessed than rest us. Some of them are blessed to an extent that, they are cured by all those concoctions (Magic oil or something of that sort) they try to sell through it. It is ridiculous and pathetic to say the least, but definitely is worth a watch. I have always wondered, if these preachers twist a nerve or two and die when they badly try to get the message across to the docile believers, Will that be dubbed as direct ascendancy to heaven?


GOD channel also carries 1 hour news broadcast by CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Network, where one of the biggest evil present among the man kind appears – Pat fucking Robertson. He blathers or mumbles about various issues all around the world and will tell you some tips to obtain “financial blessing” I chanced upon watching his show yesterday, where he talked ebulliently about the number of Jews returning from North America to Israel and scornfully went on to interview another fuck who claims Iranians are indiscriminately killing Americans for the past 28 years and topped it all with a prophetic statement “dividing Jerusalem risks gods wrath”. It’s a known fact that, invading and shooing away the original settlers in Jerusalem won’t risk gods wrath or has not risked god’s wrath yet. The statements made on this show by Pat Robertson should be put under serious scrutiny by our government as it doesn’t comply with our constitution which espouses religious freedom and equal rights to all religions. He openly term “Moslems” as the bad guys, the Jews the better of the lot and Christians as the ‘sons and daughters of god”. It is fucking irritating. I am not bothered if Christians really are children of god, I don’t care a damn. But don’t give that argument sitting right in my courtyard. If they are, they can very well be and fuck off! Let them preach and do what ever but take Pat Robertson off the air, he is fake, a fraud who has openly called for the assassination of a democratically elected president – Hugo Chavez. The same hypocrite in his daily show calls for the strengthening of pro democracy movements in Iran which is now tangled under a theocratic regime.


What is the real difference between the Iranian theocratic regime and the neo-con American government where fucks like Pat Robertson are in bed with Bush and Co? Though they act behind a screen, most of the decisions of the American government are influenced by these kinds of religious quacks. I personally don’t hold any kind of grudge against Christianity or Christians and I am as ignorant about Christianity as I am about my religion. But I can’t stand these preachers who have diluted the so called values these religions espouse.


How will I have a financial blessing? If you watch CBN, you will find people who really had it. It is just a trick to subvert your senses; you will never have a financial blessing, unless you work your ass off.The squirmy face of Pat Robertson won’t earn it for you neither do his 700 club. Is there something called a “sexual blessing” also?


This channel should be banned in India as it promotes superstitious beliefs by selling miracle oils and miracle healing. It propagates hatred; as they indulge in belittling other religions especially Islam and they openly support an illegal aggression that is happening in Palestine endorsed by a Zionist Israel. As citizens of India, who believes in a constitution which offers parity to all sections of the society, it is illegal to have channel like GOD which carries CBN and Pat Robertson.


This will seem to be a parochial rant; as there are monstrosities like Sanskar, Aashray – the Hindu God providers and Q TV – the Islamic preacher around in India. Yes, I have spend some time in analysing them too, Sanskar and Aashray which mostly delivers the message in Hindi is a pathetic offering as you might find Baba Ramdev telling “Don’t drink Colas – It will make you dark” . These channels in which the frame mostly occupies a bearded quack or aunties afflicted with mid-life crisis swaying to chants doesn’t inculcate any kind of sanskar as the name espouse nor does it have anything substantial to offer any “aashray”. Q TV which is broad-casted from Pakistan (??) carries bearded Mullahs blathering in Urdu most of the time, which I cant comprehend. I enjoy the qawwalis they carry.


I don’t understand the need of these channels in our society as we are littered with temples, mosques and churches that sometimes even encroach public land. These channels are vile and vicious, trying to belittle other religions and in the process inculcating religious animosity in our society. There is no dearth of animosity in our societies, which is already propelled by our political masters who have been using these sentiments effectively to garner votes.

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  1. chunds said, on February 27, 2008 at 2:32 am

    hey, man…. hows the married life… congrats!!

    i think its not just India that they should ban such channels, it should be global in a way. its all a heap of crap.

    i don’t know about sexual blessings, but i have hear of sexual healing… don’t know how well that works either…

    frankly i can’t believe u actually watched those shows … Yuck!!

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