Corporate Social Negligence!

Vonly yearea we have an advaantaage is our yenglish!!

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on January 21, 2008

The Hindu is a newspaper that rarely plays along the middle class sentiments, so it can print articles like these which appeared on January 19th by their Russian correspondent Vladimir Radyuhin IT opportunities & challenges in Russia.

This article forewarns all the IT professionals in India that it is not going to be a rosy future for Indian IT as Russia is going to eclipse us within 10 years of time. Impossible, many might say but the facts that are put forth is kind of perturbing.

“Almost 50 per cent of Russian students major in technology, science or engineering — which is far more than in India, China, Japan or the U.S. Russian science graduates spend between five and six years at university before entering the workforce. This ensures a more thorough training. Russia has 20 times more scientists per capita than India, and up to 40 per cent more scientists per capita than Germany, France or the United Kingdom, according to Forrester Research”

On one hand we hear the ghost of U.S.S.R is reeling with high inflation, poverty, a nagging oligarchy and increasing mafia culture. So, what do we have instead? A study Released by Pratham an NGO in Karnataka which hosts Bangalore – The silicon Valley of India came up some abysmal results :

  • Nearly three-fourths of rural eighth standard students could not do basic subtraction, and nearly half could not do basic division.
  • Only 7.4 per cent of students in standards 3 through 5 could read a sentence in English
  • Fewer than half of the schools had all teachers present on the day of the survey

Gobble more of these here

Now, this is just Karnataka, if this kind of a research is extended as a National Survey, the results will be a disaster to devour for all those “super power” chanting crowd. So that is about the facts that work against us. So what about the attitude?

The article quotes Deutsche Bank’s Daniel Marovitz :“In India, people want to say ‘yes’ to please and to follow instructions. That can create problems sometimes. In Russia, people aren’t afraid to tell you that you have a silly idea that makes no sense whatsoever. But that’s what you need.”

Sadly that includes me also, i will have to admit. I wont bother giving more explanations on this but this is a fact and we have to accept it. so, there is a serious attitude problem also.

Vonly yearea we have an advaantaage is our yenglish! Lets hope we can flex our delicate “vegetarian muscles” * for a quite a long while till they master English.

* – Courtesy Hindu brigade, they claim as Vegetarians you will have delicate muscles, softer attitude (Modi claims to be one among them! Ain’t it the joke of the century?? ) than the brash, muscular grotesque meat eating you know… what!

Catch this article here : IT opportunities & challenges in Russia

Note : I am not responsible for sleepless nights, anxiety and all those mental disorders that might inflict you software professionals and the “super power” crowd, if you care to read this. Sue The Hindu for publishing these kind of monstrous articles.

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