Corporate Social Negligence!

Unfotunatley it happens that i have t…

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on January 18, 2008

  • It seems school kids have already started ranting “I got Nike/Addidas and you have Bata…. hee hee…” I wonder if we will ever have a school that will ban all kind of brands and logos? Then what kind of education will that be? A socialist school, probably a “Karl Marx Play school” ?? But definitely, it will be blamed for an incompetent curriculum that fails to gear up the kid in confronting the rampant competition that exist in our world. Competition offers humiliation to a whole lot and appreciation for a few. Still, is int it better that you gear up for the best or worst right away from Kindergarten? So are we loosing out on that dream; a child’s world devoid of malice and ill feelings? . I think we have already…

  • LDF which rules in Kerala claims it to be a people’s coalition but a month back or so, the Civil Supplies Minister Mr. Divakaran proposed a grandiose idea to include more of chicken, milk and eggs in the diet when asked about the burgeoning price of rice. What a good piece of dietary advice for Kerala. I really don’t know, if the minister (Who belongs to CPI) is aware that words similar to these kindled a revolution in France 1789.

  • Then comes this octogenarian, Mr. Jyoti Basu, who courageously led a socialist dream in Bengal for around 3 decades and now proclaiming that Socialism is a distant dream. The continued co-habitation with an ideology devoid Indian National Congress (Where “business” is carried out bureaucrats like Manmohan Singh and Montek) and the dire eagerness to appease middle class, prompts many a leaders from the left to opt a middle path, where they tread a dangerous path while they forget that they completely left behind those, for whom they led the fight. If Singur, Nandigram are examples of a capitalistic path that should be followed, then Left front’s existence itself wont be a distant dream altogether. I dont like throwing up too much, lets attribute this to Mr. Basu’s senility, that is an inevitable truth of life.

  • Unfortunately it happens that i have this Malayalam song – karuppinazahaku from the movie Swapnakoodu stored in my music player, It pops in at times and i am dreary all again when i hear it. The sequence that keeps on repeating all through the song “oh.. ho.. oh” sounds like a totally inebriated bloke throwing up in the middle of the night. It is one of those attempts to create a peppy number without any sense attached to it.

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