Corporate Social Negligence!

Ha, this is funny…

England might or might not qualify for Euro 2008. They have a stupid Manager in Mclaren, some average players and possibly the worst goal keeper among all the nations that are fighting out for a position in Euro 2008. So, here is a dicey situation, the country with the richest and the most attractive football league might fail to qualify for this tournament. So, the English press, couple of managers from the league and Steven Gerrard of Liverpool have come out against foreigners who ply their trade in the league.

Premier league which is constantly trying to cross boundaries to attract more and more viewers in Asia and Africa – a process by which teams earn more money out of TV rights and merchandise is now going back to set quotas on for home grown players. Though it is more about football, there is always some kind of politics and sentiments involved in this issue. It is not the immense potential displayed by Korean and Japanese make them ply their trade in EPL but it is the sheer business interest that makes them very important in the league. The teams with these players have an edge over the rest in areas like South East Asia where the game and the league is very popular.

Arsenal, the current table leaders are at the receiving end of all this because they hardly have an English player who can keep his place in the first team. Arsene Wenger who is responsible for this “complete foreign team” came out and said :

“I have only been here since 1996 but between 1966 and 1996 you [England] had 30 years without foreign players and you didn’t win any more competitions in that time,”

So definitely the problem lies some where else, FA the authority of football in England have happily played along with the richest clubs in the league and have completely ignored the grass root problems of football. Arsene Wenger has came out and told that there are no quality players in England which might find a place in his team and that is the reality. Football, especially Premier League goes down well with many fans across the world because of the plethora of talent that is in there. This unfortunately comes from abroad and the majority from African Nations. If there was no Premier League, we would not have heard about a Drogba, Essien or for that matter Adebayor. Fans across the globe will not tolerate a premier league with blonde english bozos running around and kicking balls each other (They are good at this!!)

What i would say is get a life, there are no quality players around in England now, as is the case with English Cricket team. Probably, it is high time that FA enroll some mputus, mpenzas and diegos in Enlgish football team as the visionary Cricket Board did with Shahs, Mansoors and Solankis.

Cheers to the great game!!

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