Corporate Social Negligence!

“Maoist Scare”

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I don’t align myself with the grotesque ideal – decimating the class enemy to establish an egalitarian society. My views have always gone with the mainstream left in India who involves in a democratic process often guided by a written constitution. Small town bred, relatively well off background of mine would have forced me to comply with the less gory form of idealism. As my friend told – “to be a Maoist; you need to know hunger”. With a tinge of shame; i would easily agree that i am not one among them who really has to “know hunger”; neither did the disillusionment created by this farcical political system force me in to accepting the far left ideology.

But the mainstream left in India is undergoing a change, they are modelling themselves on a European Social Democracy, going softer on issues they upheld till now. These issues like equitable land distribution and workers rights are pushed to the oblivion as left joined the democratic process by supporting a loony Congress in which elitists like Manmohan Singh and Chidambram draft policies without realising the bare minimum needs of the common man. No wonder, Maoist Insurgency has affected about one-third of the country’s districts. While the top brass in Indian left is trying to dissuade Manmohan Singh and his cronies from signing a moronic Nuclear deal with the United States, their local bodies have been easily complying with the land and Money mafia in their states.

Nandigram, Rizwanur’s death and the very first CBI enquiry against a Leftist leader pretty much explains the situation of moderate left in their ruling states – Bengal and Kerala. In Bengal we have systematic suppression of farmers when they try to resist the draconian land grabbings in the name of industrialisation and then we have Rizwanur’s death in which the state machinery complied with a rich Hindu man to murder a poor Muslim. Secular values; yes i forgot to mention this in the list of issues.

Coming to Kerala, i came across this news piece in a Maoist blog. Internal migration is an issue which our country will have to deal with alacrity. There are lots of people moving out from villages in to the so called booming cities. Agriculture is not anymore a sector that can earn you decent living, there is utter poverty lingering in these hinterlands of India, which once Gandhi referred to as the “heart”. It is not anymore the heart as people migrate to booming cities in search of better payment to cater the ever increasing cost of living. Most of them end up working for those structures that is being built in the cities – simply called the construction industry.

Construction is one of the hazardest areas to work in for a living. These so called construction companies never employ any safety standards and accidents are very common in the work place often killing and crippling for life time. Kerala is witnessing a construction boom, but if the construction companies source workers from kerala they will have to pay a quiet lot. An unskilled labourer earns around 150 rupees and skilled labourer up to 250 rupees. As social indices went ahead lesser number of people turn in to traditional professions like Masonry and Carpentry, this shortage of workers and the increasing demand have constantly kept the construction worker’s salary in Kerala very high. It is world of utterdeceit and treachery but that is a different issue altogether.

So construction companies plying their trade in Kerala source workers from outside the state. They come from the poorest states of India – Bihar, Orissa and so on. These companies pay them measly and get the work done. Living in subhuman conditions, toiling like a dog and getting killed without a trace is no fun. This article carries a small piece which worth reading. It gives a grim picture about the left in kerala which has lapped up with the mafia elements in the construction sector . This includes the police, trade unions and other state machineries.

Maoists in India are waiting for issues to crop up, they intervened in Nandigram, Kalinganagar and now it seems in Kerala. After the death of couple of migrant workers, Maoists in Kerala sprung in to action and held a rally to secure compensation for the dead. Kerala issued statements about the presence of potential Maoists organisations in Kerala and beefed up the police security. Though some Maoists organisation was involved in this rally, this rally was more of a struggle by these migrant workers for the compensation. The trade union sections of the biggest left party CPIM and others turned a blind eye towards these migrant workers. By doing so they complied with the construction mafia who are in there for quick money without any regards to the life of people who toil for them.

The article does not go on eulogizing the Maoists who helped the workers in getting a compensation. It takes us to an entirely different plane. The very next day after this incident media gleamed with reports about “Maoists” in kerala and kind of threat they are posing to the state. As everyone know, Maoists in kerala are a disintegrated lot after the seventies when they managed to conduct some kind of activities. Very few strains of them still occupy the public space, some journals and news papers aligning to them still circulate in different pockets of Kerala. Maoists definitely have a peaceful co-existence in the kerala society mainly because there is not much of discontent (as of now) and not much of hunger to capitalize on.

The democratic left in Kerala has stooped to its lowest level during this tenure of theirs. Pinarayi Vijayan the next leader in line is the first Marxist leader in India to be charge sheeted by the CBI. There was accusations against various ministries regarding fraud and wastage of money, some ministers even resigned. Party is rife with factionalism and colluding interests of these factions has literally stopped them from doing anything good for the state, this time around. So, there is no wonder why the government is happy in whipping up a “Maoist” scare and beefing up the security and police forces. They are scared of mass movements that might turn out to be a struggle against this inefficient government. Companies like Harrisons Malayalam and Tata Tea Plantations where workers are exploited to the maximum are also raising “Maoist” scare these days. It was not long ago that the Kerala government was to take back all the land grabbed by these companies. Factions in LDF (Left Democratic Front) were against this and they torpedoed this venture, which was solely taken forward by the chief minister Acthuthandan. So, it is not very difficult to see why they are whining about this illusionary “Maoist” scare. Behind the scene they still orchestrate the land grabbing in one of the naturally gifted districts of Kerala – Idukki.

Calling Maoists the single biggest internal security might not be out of place. They have considerable strength in the poorest regions of India. It is of no wonder, as my friend told – they know hunger and discrimination. But whipping up the “Maoist” scare in Kerala definitely has some hidden agenda behind it. It is a method to curb mass protests which this government feels will turn against them and finally the article relates this farcical fear psychosis generated to the “war on terror” by United States. So is “Maoist Scare” in Kerala an Indian equivalent of “War on Terror”??

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