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Vibrant Gujarat – A safe haven for vibrant criminals

Posted in Dalit, Gujarat, India, politics, Poverty by clash on October 26, 2007


The 2002 Godhra riots has been a bloody mark on the so called secular ethics our constitution espouses. Yesterday Tehelka exposed the main perpetrators of this carnage boasting about their heroic acts against Muslims. Some hold high positions in the “parivar” – the name for the Hindu hooligans as a whole and some are MLAs sitting in the legislative assembly. Everybody in India knew who were the perpetrators and our judicial system; an entirely parochial system which undoubtedly support the majority – Hindus, never bothered to prosecute them.


The big moustached, Ravana look alike – Godhra MLA boasts about bombs being made in his factory, the logistics efficiency that helped them in transporting them to various locations in Gujarat to torpedo Muslims and the compliance of the police forces that played up with them in torturing Muslims. He went on to admit, the chief protagonist Mr. Narendra Modi gave them a free run for 3 days and assured that nothing will happen to them. This unholy alliance between the ruling class, police and corrupt judiciary wrecked havoc in Gujarat in 2002.


Gujarat which has now come with a sobriquet of sorts – “Vibrant Gujarat” indeed proves it is vibrant with religious militancy which has serious implication on minorities and lower castes. The Vibrant Gujarat rant is a farce. This article dated 20 October 2007, in Indian express says: “How vibrant is Gujarat, really? From January 1997 to September 2005 Gujarat has consistently ranked fifth in terms of approved FDI projects behind Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. While Maharashtra attracted investment worth Rs 35,757 crore, Gujarat could only mobilise Rs 13,289 crore during this eight year period. Between January-May 2007 Gujarat was not even among the first five states in terms of investment proposals. It managed to retain its position in the first ten only due to the expansion plans of Reliance and Essar refineries.” This article further explains, how ridiculous and farcical this new age sobriquet is and how the monstrous government of Mr. Modi is trying to push it down our throats.

I have some personal acquaintances who toured Gujarat after the riots; some of them explained me the horror stories told to them by orphaned children who were in camps. Without shedding a drop of tear one child told “They caught my father, forcefully opened his mouth, poured petrol and threw a lit match stick in to it” and calmly he went on to say “ luckily, I was spared, they chopped my mother’s head too”. They asked him what his aspiration was , a ridiculous question for the moment but the answer was revealing – he wanted to be a police man. This answer was simply revealing as children often know only one person who punish the guilty; that is the police man. But he was too young to realize the irony where policemen and the judiciary lapped up in doling out injustices to his family. So, the quest to justice starts as an aspiration to become a policeman and later; a realization that the system which promotes the policeman in itself is corrupt and further a mad scramble for a befitting retribution that will culminate in another act of violence. This will turn out to be a vicious circle. There is nothing more that you can expect from a kid who will grow up with these indelible grotesque images flickering time and again in his sense.

Religion popped its ugly head rousing sentiments to gather votes and to consolidate the “Hindu feeling” in Godhra. In that process thousands of Muslims were killed, they were ghettoized and terrorized to the maximum; they were forcefully pushed aside from the mainstream in to obscurity. The perpetrators went unpunished, the judiciary and ruling class denied justice to a battered section of society and they constantly leave in a cage of terror. This sting operation which has brought out the intricate details right from the mouth of the perpetrators is a great journalistic effort. Though the timing of this report will always be questioned as elections are fast approaching in Gujarat, this report brings the naked truth and that stands out. I think that is more important than the implication it will have on elections.


It will be interesting to see what our profound judicial system will do at this juncture when it is so lucid that the people who are guilty has not been convicted rather they boast about the atrocities committed to a Journalist who duped himself as a student of Hindutva. Yesterday was a monumental day for the Justice Department; altogether 60 people were sentenced to life imprisonment on various charges. Legal experts gleamed and went on to say “this could be the beginning of a new judicial assertiveness in the country”. But the Coimbatore blasts accused number one and Al-Umma founder S.A Basha lashed out in the court “Only Muslims are being punished. Why is it that the members of the Sangh Parivar are not punished? It is shame on India.” It is five long years after the Godhra riots happened, all these while the judiciary and the police forces have been subverted, they did not punish any of the perpetrators, and they languish in Gujarat spreading their vicious ideology of mass murder. Chief Minister Mr.Modi, Praveen Togadia, Babu Bajrangi and the sorts are culpable for the one the biggest pogroms that happened in independent India. When Mr. Basha asks why they are not being punished, we really don’t have an answer but a sense prevails, that judiciary is faltering in a massive manner while doling out justice in “Secular India”.

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  2. Jubin George said, on October 27, 2007 at 7:00 pm

    It was an evidence of a truth everybody knew. Still, even the word shocking is too mild for this exposure. It exposes some even more shocking truths.

    1. BJP would only benefit from it in Gujarat, and Cong in that state is scared of being accused for muslim appeasement if they take up the issue.

    2. Mainstream media downplays and treats it like just another Tehelka publicity stunt as in the earlier occasions.

    3. Judiciary won’t move its fingers, even though it has more than enough reasons to take the exposure as a prima facie evidence.

    There are 287 people charged under non-bailable POTA in Gujarat related to this genocide. 286 of them are muslims and the the one person is a Sikh. Gujarat is vibrant only for Modi and Ambanis – A reliable vote bank of cheap labour.

  3. clash said, on October 28, 2007 at 3:36 am

    Gujarat being such a communally polarised state, this exposure will help BJP. They take pride in ripping apart wombs, i suppose….

    Mainstream media is vile as it was always…..

    Judiciary has time and again lapped up with great criminals…so there is nothing much that might happen due to this exposure……


  4. Balbir Singh said, on February 18, 2008 at 5:16 am

    shame on Gujarat and people who support Modi

  5. Me said, on September 26, 2008 at 10:05 am

    This article is an exceptional piece of writing which deserves acknowledgement world over. I think even few words like these can prove to be an eye-opener for many. The piosonous seed of communal divide sown by certain individuals requires immediate removal. A commendable effort made by the writer, researcher and the documentator. Plz keep up the excellent efforts.

  6. Shabnam said, on September 26, 2008 at 10:06 am

    Modi and Bush are alike. Monsters.

  7. Aristarkhos said, on October 10, 2008 at 9:26 am

    I was told about the expose in Tehelka only yesterday. I came about searching for blogs on the i-league. Ironic, i came full circle…back to the Tehelka article.

    You wrote about the boy who wants to be a policeman. He obviously is the ‘minority’ – minority in faith and in the desire to be able to provide justice.
    The reason I say this is because I know of an able police inspector – a woman who is Christian by faith and from an ethnic minority living in West Bengal. She is very senior despite these obstacles. Since she is not a Bengali she is also looked upon as an outsider when there are clashes between the bengalis and ethnic groups.
    Now how is someone like this going to function if her peers also view her with distrust. Even if she were a man…I am sure she would have been “ragged” as a Gurkha/Bahadur or something.
    I think we are one of the most racist lot to inhabit the planet.

  8. Mehboob said, on December 28, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    Modi is good leader and he can make whole country vibrant. We need CM like Modi in all the states of India. Modi is the symbol of prgress and prosperity. His image gives very positive vibration.

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