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Complacency creeping in…..

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, soccer, sports by clash on October 8, 2007

Read through any Arsenal forums on net; you will find an air of optimism which at times is so loathsome. There are cries to bring on Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea. I carefully avoid myself from getting tempted by this extrapolated optimism. English Premier League is top drag and anything can happen there; fortunes might overturn in seconds and favorites might emerge as losers. Winning has been a habit for Arsenal for the past 9 games as they played Sunderland yesterday, but things looked a bit murkier after 30 minutes in to the game. Sunderland looked totally awry in the first quarter of the match but did manage to put a fiery fight after that.


Arsenal started the game with the usual energy and within 25 seconds Adebayor sent a shot across the opposition goal. Later on Fabregas was brought down at the edge of the box and the resulting free kick was netted in by Van Persie by a thunderous shot, Guardian remembers Robert Pires who commented about Van Persie’s left foot and his thunderous shots. Arsenal went on to score a second from a corner which was deflected. Adebayor collected the ball and passed it on, Diaby tried a back heel but missed, Senderos slotted the ball in to the far corner of the net leaving Craig Gordon flat footed. With brimming confidence Arsenal thrust themselves on the opposition and from a fine cross of Hleb, Flamini failed to make any connection but Diaby picked the ball and slotted in to the net. Unfortunately the assistant referee had raised the flag. It was contentious decision as no one seemed to be in an offside position from the replay. Game would have been different if that goal was scored but in the 25th minute a long ball from Dwight Yorke totally flummoxed Clichy, Almunia came in the way of the resulting shot but the rebound was collected by Wallace and was slotted in. At 2-1, Arsenal started to jitter; Sunderland took an upper hand in the game other than couple of unsuccessful breaks in which Arsenal failed to score. A game which in the first 15 minutes seemed to be a drubbing by Arsenal turned out to be a morose one after Sunderland’s goal. The score line remained same when the teams parted for the half way break.


Second half started with high tempo; Arsenal seemed to be out of the picture. Sunderland managed to slot in one more goal in the 48th minute, the game was evenly poised. Arsene made some quick substitutions, Walcott came in for Diaby and Sagna gave way to Eboue. Though I am not a big fan of these both, yesterday they proved to be crucial as they imparted the necessary momentum on the right hand side which was missing for the whole game. Sagna who had a terrific run in all the games till now looked a little jaded on the right. He was not connecting well neither was he bursting upfront. He lost his locks, looks and the killer punch in him! Walcott made some couple of good runs, missed a chance but in the 80th minute escaped the man marking him and passed the ball to Van Persie, who took a very good first touch and then glided the ball in to the corner of the net beating Craig Gordon. Van Persie has scored in all the last 3 matches he has played, after a surge by Adebayor, it seems it is a going to be a spell by Van Persie, I hope he retains the good touch. Though I like Ade; Van Persie is more of a reliable character. Gilberto was brought in, he replaced Van Persie and immediately steadied the rocking boat. Arsenal went on to record their 10th straight victory.


A bit of complacency crept in to the team as they scored 2 goals and went ahead in the first 20 minutes. Van Persie was great enough to admit this. He said We scored two goals and after we became a bit sloppy. It was our own fault but Sunderland were unlucky to lose today. At half-time we told each other, we had to get in there and fight for three points.” Almunia had a decent game. In the back four Toure as always was good, Senderos had a good game. Clichy and Sagna looked a bit jaded; Clichy was the culprit for the first goal we conceded. In the middle of the park Fabregas and Flamini was subdued. Diaby found the net twice but was unfortunate to be not on the list. Hleb has left his jittery past and is blossoming in to one of the best midfielders in the league. In front, RVP had a good game and Adebayor is working well as a holding player.


10 wins in 10 games is not a bad record. Sunderland came to play, they did not congest midfield nor was negative in their approach, due credits to them. Another hard earned victory marred by concentration lapses in the defense. Will Arsenal go on to win the title; if they tend to be sloppy at times as they were against Sunderland this Sunday? Time will prove or else Arsene will have to improvise the back line as they seems to be the most erratic of all sections!

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