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Of continued dominance in the league and some links….

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, soccer by clash on October 1, 2007

Arsenal were off to Upton Park for their 7th premiership game. Came out of there with a hard earned 1-0 victory. crappy, you may call it but Arsenal have never won a game in Upton Park since 2000, then this victory becomes much more exciting and puts Arsenal at a juncture that every one associated with the club might fancy a run for the title, though it is too early to predict. This win is encouraging as the team got confirmed that they can hold on to narrow leads and take advantage of it. May it last long…. I have not the watched the match yet. Star Sports in India failed to broadcast the match which i was eagerly awaiting for. I have downloaded the game and will be watching it soon.

So here are some links which more or less can encapsulate the current standing of the club and the manager :

A match review from Telegraph

Match review from Timesonline

In support of Arsene; from Guardian

Fergie wary of Gunners!!

And, Doctor Wenger speaks!!

Long way to the top!! Cheers gunners!!

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  1. smith said, on October 18, 2007 at 9:43 pm

    i’m a liverpool supporter.i rely students in cameroon to support the president of liverpool fan club in cameroon,africa.i want to seize this opp to thank the manager for his work well olivia twins i will ask for more greatest worried now is champion league.i as the president am rely my supporters to see that liverpool succeed.we are not working alone.
    long live liverpool and God bless u all.

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