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Ade; the lion!!

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, Racism, soccer by clash on September 25, 2007

Adebayor’s capability was always in question. His final ball, precision, composure were all questioned by football pundits and after Henry’s departure they reached a consensus that he will be a flop in front of goal. Though the league has not gone so far ahead to comprehensively disprove the pundits, Adebayor is set to prove them wrong this season. He scored 2 scorchers against spurs last week and went to score a hatrick this weekend against Derby which keeps Arsenal at the top of the league with a game in hand. Debry the weakest team currently in the league was blown away by the current leaders of the table. It was of no wonder that Arsenal cruised to a convincing win, they had already won the game after they drubbed Sevilla mid-week. Still, there was little apprehension lingering in me as Arsenal struggled to express themselves against relatively smaller teams in the last season but they went to record a 5-0 win against Derby.

I was tangled in a lot of crap, which forbid me from writing a preview for this game as what was planned before this season started. I missed out on a review about the Sevilla game too, unfortunately the mid-week game was a “deferred live” on Ten sports at 2.15 a.m., a working man cannot afford to have that kind of flexibility; so missed out on that game too. Arsenal has not played any of the top 4 teams of the last season but at this rate, i am hopeful for a positive result when we meet these teams. So back to the Derby game : Arsenal started the scoring through Abou Diaby in the 10th minute, who was pitted in the Tomas Rosicky’s position; he cut across from the wing dribbling past two Derby defenders and sending a thunderous shot on to the corner of the post. It was 1-0 in favour of Arsenal. Adebayor doubled the lead 15 minutes later when he took a pass by Fabregas and rounded Derby goalkeeper Stephen Bywater before rolling the ball into the net. Edurado who had a mellow game was brought down in the box by a Derby defender adding more to their misery. Adebayor slotted in the resulting Penalty in the 49th minute. Fabergas, for whom scoring goals is a habit these days; went on to score with another 20 yard long ranger in the 70th minute and was subsequently substituted with the nimble Denilson. Adebayor went on to score his third in the 79th minute taking his tally to 3 in the game. It was 5-0 in favour of Arsenal by then.

Boss went on to say “He (Adebayor) is really a lion. He has a huge force coming out of him, basically he had that already before but he looks calmer in his finishing.” and he said “The team means business,’They are not there to be showoffs”. They want to achieve something together.” If that is the attitude this team is carrying the whole season; laurels will follow. As the stronger team we were to win this game. Alumnia rarely had anything save, the defense was shaky at times but they managed to keep a clean sheet. Sagna looked excellent and that confirms the uncanny ability of Wenger in picking up obscure but talented players. In midfield Fabregas was  as always  instrumental, Diaby for the first time looked confident on the left side of the park and managed to score a goal which will considerably boost his morale. Flamini threw his body around; what a hardworking bloke is he? Walcott was a disappointment, he looked impressive when collected the ball but his last ball was awful, neither was his shooting impressive. A few Carling Cup runs should help him regain his composure back. In front Adebayor caused a lot of trouble to the Derby side throwing his body all around, he created spaces, did not miss chances and was falling deep at times to collect the ball. Eduardo was mellow but will surely get in to the groove. We have molded our game this season where there wont be much chances for Eduardo as we don’t pass around the ball much in the box where he can thrust his leg in to one of those balls going astray. But he is not out of groove, he seems to be a player that can adapt to situations. Time will prove.

So Arsenal is cruising in a comfortable position in the league with one game in hand and brimming with confidence. As there is a solid footing as of now, we should try keeping it up with alacrity, we have the capability with players in good touch and shape. Long way to the top!!

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