Corporate Social Negligence!

Free speech free with Democracy!!

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on September 19, 2007

Not always! When US is committed to the act bringing “Democracy” for all those people across the globe who are being “tortured” under “oppressive” regimes, we rarely come to know of what is happening to “democracy” in US. Indeed, there is a lot of news that is being catered to us; flab on Britney’s stomach, Sunita William’s craving for samosas and so on. Do we get know anything substantial other than the Financial blathering about sub-prime lending and housing bubble? Rarely.

So here is something to gobble from”free” nation which has a president who rarely finishes a speech without the word “freedom”. A UF student was shot with a Taser gun, arrested and charged with a felony Monday because police said he started a riot during Sen. John Kerry’s on-campus speech, that’s very less of the whole episode, catch the entire article here . Don’t forget to read the comments, they are more interesting than the original article. There you will find a caboodle of paranoid souls contemplating about a future fascist state.

If you missed it, catch the article here.

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