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Arsenal puts Martin Jol’s job at stake….

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, soccer by clash on September 15, 2007

I started this post with these lines “If there is something called “luck“, that was with Arsenal this Saturday, when they won a grueling match at White Hart Lane against Martin Jol’s men” But a day after, i presume it was not correct on my part to attribute our win to “luck”, i believe it is the hard work of a group of youngsters that earned us the victory.

Prospects of winning this match seemed bleak when Gareth Bale fired in a free kick in the 15th minute and a flurry of misses from Arsenal accompanied it. But as Arsenal lived up to their reputation of “come back kings“, the victory turned out to be more of annihilation than a mere comeback. The score line showed 3-1, which was a bit cruel to the struggling Tottenham team, who now have a mere one win in the last 6 matches they have played. This, in turn, puts their manager’s job at stake.

Thanks to the Man-U match, I missed the first half an hour of the match. When Star Sports started showing the match, Arsenal were one down and struggling to make things happen. They passed the ball around, kept a lot of possession but failed to score. I sighed and resigned to my seat with a feeling, which recurred during the last season. Adebayor wasted a lot of chances, Diaby fired a sitter on to the crossbar mistakes by the defenders and so on. On to the half-way mark and still trailing…

After the break, Wenger pulled out Diaby and sent Rosicky into action. This ploy worked, as he added some life to that stale midfield. It was getting tougher and tougher for the spurs to hang on to the one goal lead. Eventually a 65-th minute header from Adebayor equaled the score line to much of my happiness. A Berbatov effort was saved from the goal line by Clichy, but more action was yet to come. Hleb squared a ball to Fabergas and he took a thunderous shot from 35 yards – goal, and there was the lead. Darren Bent an expensive acquisition of spurs squandered an easy chance, but that was not going to rattle Arsenal as their confidence grew. A very rare and stunning goal from Adebayor sealed the victory for Arsenal in the 90th minute.

Not a flawless performance, but an important win, over the arch rivals, which has taken the team to the top position in the table. The young team maintained their composure and played their heart out to win this match.

I am expecting more of this from our young Gunners this season!

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