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Tottenham Vs Arsenal

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, soccer by clash on September 14, 2007

This weekend we witness the “North London derby” – Tottenham Vs Arsenal. Rivalry between these two clubs dates back to 1887, when these clubs met for the first time. Times have changed, the topography of football has changed, and it has knapped its “working class” roots. Today it is more about big investors and marketing but somehow “football – the game” has managed to remain in the hearts of many as “football” even though they witness these moronic changes.


On to the team, Lehman’s elbow has blown up (according to boss), Gallas is out injured, Senderos is suspended, Sagna even though not fit will be finding a place in the team. As both center halves are out, we might find Gilberto taking position there, the other option Alex Song, instills some kind of fear in me. Up front, we don’t have any injuries as such. I am expecting Ade to feature as Eduardo’s recent “international” form will be preserved to serve against the visiting Sevilla team.


I am Venus Fly-trapped with work, which should suffice as a nice excuse for the short post. Any ambiguities about Venus flytrap can be sorted out here. It is pretty amusing. Liverpool’s trip to Portsmouth makes this week very interesting when it comes to the top spot in the league. I am hoping a win against Spurs.

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