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I Oppose the Nuclear deal…and here is WHY!

Posted in 123 deal, Hyde act, India, politics by clash on September 7, 2007
Nuclear Day!

Nuclear Day!

There is an awful lot of noise in the media these days because the dogmatic left parties in India are opposing the Nuclear Deal, the 123 agreement with United States. I have been following this fracas for while now. Left, according to the media is retrograde; they are still stuck in the Soviet era, the cold war hangover. The “rising” India needs energy, which, according to the present Congress government can only be solved by nuclear energy. The left claims, it is more of a strategic deal, the Hyde Act passed by the US Congress will subvert the deal and so on…

So where do I stand on this? I will not get into the technical aspects of the deal, but, the fact is that I don’t really need to delve into technicalities to oppose this deal. I have enough and more reasons that will eclipse the “technical advantage” this deal may provide.

First of all, I would like to ask: Where is that gas pipeline from Iran which we planned for? It has been totally pushed to oblivion; the only minister in the Congress government who pushed this plan was the former (please note!) petroleum minister Mani Shankar Aiyar. He has been booted out of this portfolio a while ago and now, heads the sports ministry, and is in logger heads with all the sports bureaucrats in India. It is Congress’s internal issue that he was booted from the post. But, he actively campaigned for the Iran pipeline, and after he was made to leave, the petroleum ministry never uttered a word about this pipeline! Sources say: the American administration was not very happy with Mani; the self proclaimed leftist in the congress government. So that’s what he gets: a bloody boot! Having Mani as the petroleum minister who wanted to realize the pipeline would have irked the American administration as they are waiting for an opportunity to bring “Democracy in Iran” and make the government in Iran “accountable to the people”. As we all know, America is doing a tremendous job with Iraq! So we have been made to completely forget this pipeline by the media, as it is not acceptable to America and we still claim we have an independent foreign policy.

I am trying to dissect the sheer apprehension in me, about India signing a nuclear deal with them. Vikram Sood writes in The Hindu: “For the U.S., it was part of a larger game plan. The deal was a means to cap India’ s strategic programme, provide access to India’s growing defence market, and become a strategic partner in U.S. foreign policy initiatives globally. One of the abiding primary bipartisan U.S. objectives has been to restrict, roll back and cap the Indian strategic deterrent.”

I still believe that this more of a strategic partnership than it being a simple nuclear deal. Dogmatic, you would say. US, with a tie-up with General Musharaff has been meddling around with our neighbor for a long while, but has not gained anything in particular, other than some hostility from the ultra-right wing groups in the region. With Russia and China building up strategic partnership through Shanghai Cooperation Organisation , joined military exercises and forthright comments from the hard man Putin against the unipolar world, the leftover major player in this area is India, with a susceptible Prime Minister in Manmohan Singh. So, this deal is definitely more than a simple nuclear deal!

So what is wrong with having a nuclear deal which is not exactly a nuclear deal alone? Vikram Sood goes on writing in The Hindu: “The deal was supposed to give India several benefits but the pressure to sign the deal by a specific deadline mostly came from the Americans, almost as if India was being hustled into this. The old principle of never ever signing anything in a hurry was abandoned. The Japanese, for instance, spent seven years discussing the deal before signing it. The China-U.S. 123 agreement of 1985 specifically states that both sides would observe the principle of international law under which neither party could invoke a domestic law to justify failure to perform a treaty. The India-U.S. 123 agreement does not have this safeguard.” If Japan, an outright ally of US, could take seven years in studying and charting out the repercussions of such a deal, why are we especially Manmohan Singh in a hurry? Is it that US needs an ally in us when they attack Iran? Russia and China have big business interests in Iran, they would not come out in support for the attack. As India has been restricted in laying the gas pipeline, we are not at stake if they attack Iran and some coaxing/bullying will enable USA to get us on their side. Though it is unlikely that we will send any troops or ammunitions, but we keeping silent, when such a blatant aggression takes place is more than enough for us to be on their side. So, there is no wonder US is pushing for another deal, along with the Nuclear one called Access and Cross Servicing Agreement, which will inevitably provide logistical support for US from different locations in India. I am not confident enough to make a statement on the part of our people about their knowledge that Iran shares a boundary with Afghanistan, and a logistical base in India for the US of A will not be a bad idea for their future plans of offering a “shock and awe” treatment for Iran!

I am apprehensive about this deal because of various other reasons as well. Let us consider any treaty or international law with regard to the “respect” the US has been “endowing” upon them!

  • They don’t care a fuck about the Geneva Convention ( Check for Rumsfeld, with the torn Geneva Convention Papers, in his hands, in Google!).
  • They withdrew from the International Court of Justice in 1986,
  • They have Nelson Mandela listed in the “terrorist list” (After i came to know this, i just could not stop laughing for an hour so. Probably in the 50’s Gandhi, would have been featured in the list!)
  • They knew there was no WMD in Iraq, but went on to attack them on the basis of their own false allegations!

They have been blatantly attacking nations doting all over the globe! They also maintain around 700 military settlements across continents. Their view of the world has a more uni-polar nature, where they tend to boss around.

So, where is our assurance that the US of A will abide all those clauses in the 123 Agreement? Their credentials from the past does not assure me that they will.

By this, I don’t mean that I will be happy if we are signing such a deal with Russia or China, as often being criticized in the media. China is of no interest to me, as they have digressed from their socialist way. The Left in India categorically missed a point in criticizing China, when they set on a market-oriented growth pattern. The Left in India tried to accommodate their ideas by doling out reasons which was indeed a mammoth mistake.

Russia, on the other hand, is trying to gather some prestige back with their hard-man president, Putin. They are seriously concerned with the “colored revolutions” happening in their neighborhoods, and the expansion of NATO towards the east. I am not bothered about them too. Neither do I have any nostalgic memories about the former socialist state. So it is not my subservience to these to nations that is forcing me to forge an opinion against this deal, but, it is an independent thought process that I am embarking on.

It is ridiculous and callous that our media is trying to simplify the issue as a dogmatic subservience. It shows the struggle of Indian Left, which failed to carve an identity of their own in this country. So, the middle class in India, catered by columns from the ilk of Tavleen Singh, who came on an NDTV discussion, with her perky mannerisms said, “ the model of democracy which US brought about in Afghanistan is wonderful”, are misled.

Her claim almost put me in bouts of laughter, pushed me in to a sense of sympathy, which later, turned into rage. I wonder, if there is any difference between her and a US spokesperson. So, it is not surprising to see the Indian, angrezi-speaking, middle class, supporting the Congress in their act of signing the deal, and vilifying the Left. I believe that it is crass on the part of the Indian media, to reduce this issue as a mere dogmatic subservience. When media affirm this point time and again, they fail to consider the point the Left is trying to raise, and is restricting them from having a voice of their own. This voice raised by the Left is to be considered, when Russia and China hardly matters as sources of inspiration for them anymore.

To conclude,  personally, I am reluctant to accept the “clauses” offered by an American system, which I know is totally flawed, corrupted, and brazen on all fronts!

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  1. freekicker said, on September 8, 2007 at 6:02 am

    read this da –
    Yechury’s response to critics…very reasonable

  2. freebird said, on September 18, 2007 at 1:32 pm

    longish but a very good post man !

  3. clash said, on September 18, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    @freekicker : thats a good link. I follow your kicks through a feed reader 🙂

    @freebird : had to be longish, but nice to hear that , it was good! 😀

  4. Proletarian Revolutionary said, on December 15, 2007 at 11:23 am

    A third world country making alliance with an imperialist country that terrorizes the whole world with it’s nuclear weapons means willing to live at feet of imperialists.

  5. Nikhil said, on July 7, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    You have got it spot on mate! What Baffles me is the hurry MMS (PM) has to get this through. Though he treads the high moral grounds (A halo created by his supporters) I wonder why he should cower to bring the facts to the table. We are talking about Indians here however, he is adament that I will put it on the table once I get the IAEA approval. This is something that makes the whole deal fishy. The trajectory of the this deal is evident.
    1. 1st Choke DAE of funds so that the indegenious efforts in nuclear research and mining is negated.
    2. Rush to US to get a deal that looks like it was written by a tenth grader.
    3. Scare mongering by saying that only Nuclear energy will help us in energy security (6% after all this money)
    4. Hiding the deal from the nation. A govt which brough in the RTI is now hiding facts from its people.
    5. Once the Indian research and fuel mining is chocked, purchase reactors from US at substantial premium.
    6. Nothing on spent fuel reprocessing…
    7. US gets to dump its nuclear waste in India and get paid for it to.

    The truth is somewhere else. I guess its MMS’ obsession to the US and anything that comesout from it. A PM who is not elected by the people… shame on him!

  6. Nikhil said, on July 7, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    You may read my take on it… (A hurriedly written open letter to the PM) on my blog:

  7. ASHUTOSH said, on July 20, 2008 at 1:50 am

    thats good,,,

  8. NeurlBlen said, on May 20, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Great site=D Will visit once again,,

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