Corporate Social Negligence!

Got an enemy? You can contact me!

Posted in Arsenal, divinity, Football, God Bless You, Kerala, soccer by clash on September 4, 2007

I am planning to visit Kadampuzha temple. It will be one of those rare visits but i am forced to make one. You will find Kadampuzha in the list of temples in Kerala. This is a temple which can help you in drubbing your enemy, if you seriously have one. This pooja is called poo–moodal; which literally translates to “covering with flowers”. I hope, the deity will be covered with flowers and the aftermath; a divine intervention will drub the opponent. I am not enamoured by this divine intervention; but I want to explore the possibility of turning this “divine intervention” in to a financially successful one and in the mean time offer piece of mind to a whole lot; whose life is niggled by these enemies. By the way, it is already a success on its own, this pooja has been booked in advance till 2041, so that’s commendable in its own way and will simply give an idea about how much rivalry exists between people in Kerala.



I am here to explore the possibility of separating this “pooja” based on the crowd that comes in to perform this. In a world where decisions are made in split seconds, people can’t wait till 2041 for the enemy’s down-fall. The corporate world which thrives on the world called risk, makes decisions very fast, which might pull you down from elation to depression in seconds. Enemies are aplenty and jealousy thrives. All of us might have experienced the brunt of these decisions that most of the time defy logic and would go in favor of someone- simply known as ass-sucker – who has been courting all the bull shit doled out by your boss. So there is immense possibility for a system that can bring down your “enemy” in the organisation and more over if it is credited by the divine power, it is a sure shot hit.



Arrangements will be shortly done to have a discussion with the Devaswom board; the office of temples in kerala to buy a franchise and work will be started in Bangalore soon. I am expecting to break even very soon; as enemies are in abundance in “corporate Bangalore”. Divine intervention in the field of corporate politics is an untouched area which I am trying to capitalize. It is pure business; I should be revered for this revolutionary idea which I am bringing forth. I am not planning to evolve myself as a swami to push forward the business but will remain as conventional CEO for this venture. This venture is going to help many a believers and non-believers in snubbing their enemies and gather some piece of mind.



Stress levels among employees in corporate houses are on an increase. Most of them resort to demi-gods; which are aplenty these days. Here the system is not the same, nobody is subservient to anyone. This is a venture where you can book a pooja (online, in the future) which will help you in eliminating your enemy and extra costs will be charged, depending on the needs of the customer. Customer/ believer can decide, if the enemy deserves an accident, a family break up, an organizational drub or any revolutionary ideas that could cripple the life of your enemy or his career. To make this venture a very effective one, I will employ couple of bouncers to get the message across to the enemy and this tactic will be strictly employed after a review committee comprising me approves that Divine intervention in itself is not sufficient for the enemy’s down fall.



Corporate world where egos are to be withstood sometime turns to be vicious as it is not easy to withstand them for a long. If you retort back; it can definitely play a big role in the measly appraisal or a salary hike that you can get or even a promotion that was due. When everyone claims “merit” is the deciding factor, it rarely becomes one in this archaic structure. It is not merit but mere subservience is what earns you more and people try to eliminate stumbling blocks in their career in the shrewdest manners. Team members torpedoing colleagues, the insecure TL who badly wants to oust you from the team and so on. You need to cope with these tidal changes that snub you. They call it, being mature and coping up with the work pressure, it is just the official jargon, but in reality, these issues can pull down a person’s morale,especially, if he/she is committed to the work. It is a cheap world, where decisions could be pushed forward in your absence and then you are awe-struck when you realize where you stand. Some issues turn acrimonious but many gets subsided as most of the employees these days; are afraid of the organisation which have the omnipotence to “hire and fire” you. It is simply not the era of trade unions.



I am offering a resort to these tormented souls, a platform where these kind of people can come in and book a pooja (Single window Clearance- You wont have to wait till 2041) which can drub your immediate enemy. Trade unions are a no – no, these days, they work against the liberalized set up where the employer has the utmost power in hiring and firing. But, divinity certainly holds an edge here; no one can really refute you in conducting a pooja against you enemy at office. Let all of them burn in hell !! I don’t call it meritocracy; rather would resort to “asskissocracy”. Peace!


On another note; Arsenal won another EPL match against Portsmouth yesterday. It was an excellent game against a tough and experienced opposition. A well deserved answer for all the speculators around the club who wants to push in dubious money. I saw Abramovich in utter disgust when Villa slotted in the second goal. Money can only expect to deliver success, but it need not do so always. Arsene believes in a policy, where he picks up players that he need to fill in positions and they never happen to be superstars but with them, he works and devises a game plan in which the club and the person earns success. Henry, Viera, Van Persie and Fabergas are shining examples of this. Arsenal plays good entertaining football; as long as Wenger in helm, i don’t think they will make money by selling merchandise in the Asian nations but i am sure they will play entertaining football and will have fans across the world who loves beautiful football.


Arsene’s style of football does not need super stars, it is more about the efficiency of his carefully selected team and the urge he creates in them. He does not believe in a magic where club officials flock in to another club to grab a “superstar” with grotesque transfer fees and salaries. I have always vouched for a sane tab on spending. He confirmed his viewpoint with another stunning victory over Portsmouth.

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