Corporate Social Negligence!

Consumer’s Onam….

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on August 31, 2007

I was back in Kerala for the second time in a month. First was for a marriage of my relative and the second was for the supposedly auspicious time – Onam. The Onam day was just another day for me except that my mother was insistent on cooking some extra curries other than the usual fish curry. There was no new dress, new gadgets or any fancy accessories but there was the omnipresent stink which I have mentioned in one of my previous posts.

When a left government is elected in Kerala, they say, no land deals will happen anymore as the rush of money in to the market gets stalled and the speculators fear to speculate. But this time around it was not the same; there are land deals getting sealed every other day, money is rushing in to make the most out of it. Real estate boom is a phenomenon that has gripped the whole nation; it has not spared kerala too. The left government has not done enough to stall this enormous flow of dubious money. In fact they have cozied up with so many dubious sources of this money by which they have become more of a benefactor for this money to hover in the market.

I visited my uncle’s house and was greeted by a big hoarding which claimed “people” will be up in arms, if the construction of an apartment complex which has came in a low lying paddy field is to be resumed. This monsoon season saw unprecedented floods in that area of the city. Till then everyone was happy about the real estate boom, some got benefited by that; as they sold their land for prices which would have never occurred in their dreams. Everyone seemed to be happy, apartments, malls and shopping complexes. How better can the economic prosperity of this small state could be flaunted? Then came the monsoon season, it poured heavily this time and the whole area was submerged under water causing destruction for property and life.

People were back to senses; they realized those who blabbered against this unscientific “development” were not retrograde; they in fact had a point. Low lying areas in kerala is being constantly encroached by the real estate realtors to build apartments and complexes. They fill up the low lying land with soil; (soil business is one of the most profitable business) and start constructing concrete structures. When it rained, water just did not have any place to move in. It stagnated without any way out, flooding the entire area. 2 people lost their lives, as water entered houses it caused immense damage to property and epidemics like chikugunya and cholera were on a rampage.

This is a gist about what money and these kinds of “bubble booms” can deliver. This onam had been very prosperous for those who were the beneficiaries of this dubious money that flew in to Kerala. For the rest, it was the same old story – Chikungunya, Cholera and a wry Onam. Big Bazzars, Fab Malls and Reliance Fresh dot the tiny state of Kerala these days. This onam supposedly was the consumer’s onam. There were discount sales, buy one get 2 offers and so on. Kerala has seen it before but not in this scale. Take liquor for instance,Kerala State Beverages Corporation (KSBC) made business of whopping 37.17crores .What’s the fun in having so much money and no intoxication?

Onam is not the same old anymore. It is not those days when Kerala woke up to bright sun light after a long monsoon season. It is not those days when flowers bloomed and small children plucked them to decorate their courtyards. It is not those days when you will see unending paddy fields while you travel across kerala. It is not those days when you can count on your local politician. It is not those days when no communist leader had a corruption allegation towards him. This is a new dawn, with the maximum number of middle class families in the country; this is a place where monsoons constantly wreck havoc (May be we can blame it on the climatic changes), where there is no space for flowers, trees or paddy fields, where the local politician is a real estate broker, where almost all the members of this communist government get accused of some misappropriation.


But there is money. It is on a mad rush – May be this is present day’s “development”. It is a relief to get back home and be with parents but when every visit turns out to be an eye opener for the decaying social and moral conditions of this state, My visits these days are more out of an obligation than it being a pleasure.

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  1. Sahodaran said, on September 2, 2007 at 3:53 am

    I agree. Our state is doomed, its people are mad. Everyone is happy with the mad consumerism and jewelry. Selfishness thrives.

    And, Everyone blames the politician, but I think, it is good that we dont have the politician the people want. Else, the degradation would have been faster. The people sucks, the politician is just a symptom.


  2. clash said, on September 3, 2007 at 6:28 pm

    Thats spot on…. mate!!

  3. chunds said, on September 4, 2007 at 2:13 am

    its happening everywhere these days. check the news out and just see how much of flooding is goin around in asia and the rest of the sub continent. its the same out here, maybe worse…. Sri Lanka is only an island…

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