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Arsenal Vs Manchester City and India’s FIFA ranking goes up!!

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, India, Kerala, soccer, sports, Uncategorized by clash on August 24, 2007

The next hurdle for Arsenal to mark a decent run in EPL is Manchester City. We take on them on Saturday. After the Russian and American money in EPL, this is the fight against Asian money. The English hardliners; who have been successfully withstanding a hostile take over compete against a Manchester City; which was taken over by UK Sports Investments Limited, a company controlled by former Thailand Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. The fad is that anyone who flees their country with a fortune can get to England and buy a football club. Thaskin is not much different from Abramovich who came to England with a lump sum from the disintegrated U.S.S.R. Now, that is the order of the world. His credentials are Amnesty International, have also expressed concerns at Thaksin’s human rights record. Human Rights Watch described Thaksin as “a human rights abuser of the worst kind”, alleging that he participated in media suppression and presided over extrajudicial killings”. These words might earn you a bombing ,taking your whole nation back to the stone age but wont stop you from buying a football club in UK. So he was there in July, bought Manchester City, F.C., appointed Sven Goran Erikksson as the manager and bought scores of players.


So, this coup is rewarding them. Till date they are on a good run, rather a decent one with a win against Man U. Confidence will be high. With Rolando Bianchi, Georgios Samaras, Émile Mpenza and ilk, they are going to be powerful. I am expecting Arsenal defenders to have some trouble from these tall players – Testing times for Senderos who will be replacing Gallas. On the whole, Manchester City is a “big” team. They have a bigger physical presence, especially in the defense. So, that makes it testing time for RVP and Ade (If he plays, but I am almost sure that he will earn a place in the team, we need his vigor and physical stature to rupture their defense). Eduardo will be a difficult option but Bendtner has a good chance. As Arsene has voiced out the necessity of a different formation where RVP is not left alone, I am hoping Ade and RVP will be operating in the front.

Gallas is out with a groin injury which might put pressure on the defense. Senderos could be the obvious choice, but the back up for him; Hoyte is not very impressive. Gilberto might make in to the team, this can ease some pressure on the back four, especially Senderos. Toure, Clichy and Sagna by far were the best in all the matches. As for goal keeper Mad Jens is off for a break – Achilles heels. It is so obvious that we cannot afford to have a slip up from the goal keeper anymore. Jens had a decent game against England at Wembley, but it was shaky. Boss mentioned that Almunia has done “very very well” and has matured. If he gets a decent run for couple of games, it will be difficult for Jens to come back. This time will earn Fabianski a place in the bench too.

Options are narrow for the midfield with Eboue, Diaby and Rosciky on the Injury list. So we will see more of Flamini. He is a hard working player and hard tackling too (these days) But he being there will reduce our physical presence. I would have loved to see Diaby partnering with Cesc while operating in the middle. With players like Geovanni, Elano, Petrov in their midfield they are pretty strong in that area technically and physically. Elano could be a player to watch out, remember his darting run which ended up in Bianchi scoring a goal?



We have decent chance of winning this match as we have been around as a team, playing together for a while; they seem to be a newly assembled machine. There could be obvious glitches arising from this inexperience and if we are to capitalize these, we are going to come victorious. Cheers to gunners.




Football is not all about Arsenal, it is more about football. So, I have been keenly following the Indian team playing their ONGC Nehru Cup. This tournament has been brought back from shelves after 10 years. As India is all about going nostalgic; “The Nehru Cup was the best tournament in Asia and was ranked 18th in the World” . India was in a dismal condition before the start of the tournament, we  ranked 162 before the start of the tourney. Bob Houghton is a shrewd man; he knew playing football against relatively weaker oppositions will earn you points that can push the rankings. So, India trashed Cambodia 6-0, in their first match on August 17th. I won’t say incredible, but that was decent. Then they scraped past Bangladesh 1-0, Hutton was not happy with this performance. But a win is a win, and India jumped 11 positions up in the FIFA ranking and came to 151, though I don’t figure much difference between 162 and 151.

Yesterday we were defeated by the best team in the tourney – Syria. As far as I read through, it was decent performance with India slotting the first goal and pulling out one in the dying minutes and then dominating the game till the end without a victory. Hardly convincing. But this string of international games will help to increase the FIFA rankings though it might not seriously earn anything for the Indian football other than some experience for the current players.




The problem lies in the root, yes; there is not much of public who enjoys football in the cricket crazy India but squaring off at that will be rude. There are pockets in India where there is considerable influence of football. Bengal, Kerala, Goa, Manipur and Punjab; where the game could be pushed to reap rewards. But a systematic approach has never been adopted by the AIFF controlled Priyaranjan Das Munshi, the man who proposed a bill to bring in cricket to very house hold by telecasting it on the government run Doorsrashan. But he forgot football and he is the “man” of AIFF. There is a serious laxity on AIFF’s side. There was dark patch for Indian football in the last decade, where all the major tourneys defaulted, conducting matches in parts of India where the stadiums used to be occupied by stray dogs but no spectators and so on. Bengal still thrived, with their local league. where hoards of supporters throng in for matches and they have earned the hard earned reward. There is a Star – Ananda deal which has come in their way for telecasting Kolkotta football league, they paid a whopping 12 crore.



I am hoping this Nehru Cup to rejuvenate the football scene in India on a small scale. There are people who watch Indian matches in Zee TV and they definitely are not the usual viewers. I hope, Priyaranjan Das Munshi will not blather much about this small leap forward in the rankings (10 points) but should swing to action.

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