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Yes, it is a win!

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on August 21, 2007

Yes, it is a win and that matters the most. Arsenal was almost the same old story when they played Fulham yesterday – they passed, passed and over passed the ball in the edge of the area, found it really difficult penetrating a cordon of midfielders and defenders. Out of frustration, they did make mistakes, they made the supporters grumble by their passes and the senior most player in the squad committed an horrendous mistake which helped the opposition score a goal. All of these looked like the exact copy of events from the past season but Arsenal managed a win yesterday and that is the important factor. The question of over passing, inexperience, mistakes, foolishness still looms but a win is something on which you can build upon, so it was very important to win.

The game started and before a wink came the Fulham goal which was the result of a horrendous mistake by none other than Mad Jens. Arsenal toiled afterwards till the half time whistle without reaping any benefits. It was the same old story but there were some positives. First of all, the partnership of Bacary Sagna and Eboue seems to be getting better with every other game. Hleb had a nice game operating behind the striker and his confidence seems to be good this season. The end result was a goal by him, i hope he will definitely slot in some goals, which is what exactly he wanted and did voice it out before the season started. If it was Hleb of last season, he would have nudged the ball to Bendtner than scoring. This is a wonderful sign as last year the team lacked goals from the midfielders. This time, i am hoping to see a reversal of this trend. Kolo Toure was impressive, his eagerness to level the score was very evident from the way he was breaking forward and eventually resulting in the penalty. Defence was good, though occasional glitches were there. This can be sorted out and along the way, i hope Toure and Gallas is going to be hard as a rock kinds!

Fulham had a plan, they were never going to play an attacking game in Emirates. They succeeded in choking our midfield and this resulted in a mellow Fabergas, the midfield mastermind. As fulham’s defense line played upfront laying offside traps, the midfield really got congested and rarely did any good moves came from this side. This changed when rosicky was taken away and Hleb moving on to the left side offering Fabergas the space to create moves. This resulted in the second goal, a great pass from Fabergas. The first one which was penalty has not much of explanations as it was one of our centre halves’s making a darting run to the box – Toure.

Fulham took 5 yellow cards but their manager still whined about “blatant simulations”. Overall, the match was not up to the mark, there are areas that has to be sorted out. I have a feeling, our style of play and formations are easily understood by opposition as they know Hleb is going to behind the striker for the first 70 odd minutes, and then will be moved to the left side of the park with another striker upfront. I hope Arsene buys a genuine left winger, which will offer much flexibility in the formations moreover saving us from being “the predictable”.

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  1. chunds said, on August 13, 2007 at 1:08 pm

    hey man, good to see u back after a while… well haven’t been followin much of football, but have been playin the new FIFA07 game a lot. the manager modes kinda fun…..

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