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Howler….blunder…horrendous mistake….

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League by clash on August 21, 2007

I was to catch a bus back to Bangalore by 10 Pm, but i could not miss Arsenal playing against Blackburn. So, with some risk at stake i stayed put to watch this match. After the match, i was like.. I don’t want to hear these words anymore – Howler,Blunder, Horrendous Mistake….. Mad Jens with another awful mistake. We successfully withstood the hard tackling Blackburn all along the match. Yes, they were kind of the better side in the second half, but we had managed to score a goal by then and was defending comparatively well in the absence of Gallas – who is an addition to the injury list. The percentage of posession hovered around 59, which is not bad at all. Blackburn realised that they can match us by playing football so they resorted to kicking around.

To square it off our young side had a decent game and with their newly found tenacity, the team could have well came out with a win. But, again the botch up was the senior-most member of the team Mad Jens. He is an incredible goal keeper and excellent shot stopper and praises galore can be attributed to him but his age is seriously taking a toll on him. As i saw him fumbling with that direct shot from David Dunn, as to whether hold the ball or punch it away, the ball was already in the back of the net. Second horrendous mistake in second game is not a good record. I have no ambiguities about his talent, but he needs to calm down a bit and keep his composure – rather he should watch his young peers as they are exhibiting these qualities in a much better manner off late. I really cannot argue for Almunia or Fabianski in his place yet, but there needs to be some serious mentoring done to keep his composure.

The rest of the team had a decent game, they expected a tough physical game at Blackburn and i believe they lived up to the requirements of such a duel. We dint wither ourselves by the violent tackles from Blackburn and for most of the part was eager to have a go at them also. Some players live up to their names, one for sure is Blackburn’s SAVAGE, he produced some savagery on the ground yesterday. Again, it is unfortunate that we could not earn 3 points from this game. We did not play the fluent passing game of football but did manage to slot in the first goal and this is a very positive sign. If we could cut out some blunders we can really withstand these kind of games and earn some valuable points. Let us hope for the best in the forthcoming matches.

An appendage : I had written a match review for the Arsenal – Sparta game, but did not manage to publish. Here goes my 2 cents about that game.

There was no live telecast of this match in India so i did not take the pain of reading and refreshing online commentaries neither did i have an option of hearing the live commentary on a Radio. So i caught up with some sleep yesterday night; hoping for the best. It is always a struggle to get up in the morning but today was not so, i wanted to check the score. I rushed, switched on my PC, opened Google Reader and saw Sparta 0 – Arsenal 2. I was happy. The next struggle was to find the links to watch the goals. I usually visit , there they had listed an Arabic website from which i could not make out anything about the goals so i dropped the idea of watching it as it was getting late for work.

After reading the reviews from different news papers, i felt –

  • It was not the usual eye pleasing stuff that we were off to yesterday or Sparta just did not allow us to showcase the passing game of ours.
  • It was a “very Physical game” as their captain; Repka promised before the match commenced.
  • We hung on till the last quarter of the game without loosing nerves.
  • We managed to slot in 2 goals, both scored by midfielders – Fabergas and Hleb.
  • The defense was solid, Gallas and Sagna were tremendous.
  • Lehmann made some excellent saves

To sum it up, Arsenal managed to win a game which they would not have last season and that definitely is a positive note.

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