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Bio-fuel or Bio-hazard?

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on May 14, 2007

I have been pondering for while; but never reached anywhere and so was the mum. But i did come across some facts which were in-fact very queer. There is a call – rather a shout – Messianic, I would say . “Bio-fuel is the future” . As the war in middle east reaching no where – there is a strong outcry from the west for bio-fuel. We always tend to feel nice when we see a word prefixed bio. So far none of us have related this this term to some kind of catastrophe. But, soon we will be, someone says!

He is none other than Fidel Castro. He said “George W Bush’s support for the use of food crops in fuel production would cause 3bn deaths from hunger” and he asked :
“Where are the poor countries of the Third World going to get the minimum resources to survive?”

So do we realise that there are 3rd world countries (an obscure term for the today’s intelligentsia) who will be affected by this mass drive of food crops being converted in to Bio-fuel?? This,for me, seems to be the worst idea, rather a morbid way of moving life. This will be the most harrasing policy ever devised by mankind to destroy mankind. America has already signed a deal with Brasil regarding bio-fuel generation. There is an upbeat mood among sugar cane growers as sugar cane is the most prefferd for Bio-Fuel generation.

India seems to be away from this catastrpohe or we have never realised how it is going to effect us. Even though i am not this statistician to put hard facts across, my assumptions goes this way :

Our agricultre minister : Sharad Powar is a power broker for the Sugar cane Inusdtries in Maharastra, if i am not mistaken. When prices of Sugarcane goes up in the world market, there will be a push from the goverment as he is at the helm, this will force lot of farmers to take up this as a cash crop than a food one. This will defenitely push the traditional agricultre for food crops and will make utter water scarcity. Now, bio- fuel is not all about sugar cane . Wheat can also be used – Now there remains the fact Castro told. An Indain consumer spends around 25-28 .Rs for 1 Kg. of packaged wheat. I cant wait for the days where it will be at par with 1 litre of Petrol. Queer, infact.

So what is happening all across the world about it other than America signing a pact with brasil? Well, this could be the queerest among them.

Last week, a protest against government plans to give at least 7,100 hectares (17,000 acres) or nearly a third of Mabira Forest Reserve to the Indian-owned Mehta Group’s sugar estate turned violent.” – Uganda

I am not kidding. 7,100 hectares of forest for sugar – This could well brief up the ecological disasters that can be caused by this new fad – bio fuel.

A search in Google News ( Sharad Pawar + Sugar Cane)

The great Indian in Uganda with a wonderful world view!

Another one on this great Indian in Uganda

Now to Mr. Fidel Castro-

Castro hits out at US biofuel use -BBC

Castro in new US biofuel attack – BBC

Fidel’s May Day message without anything about May Day

Another great piece by Castro -Granma! 

Green left – do they exist?

Some kinda scoop by counterpunch

I will wind up this with a snippet – “Cuba has more doctors serving overseas than the World Health Organisation” . It might be difficult to place this piece of information in this article if read. But, if read – for sure i am gonna be cursed for churning out the usual information through the links.

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  1. Jubin George said, on May 22, 2007 at 8:00 am

    Had read the post earlier. Didn’t leave a comment, because I didn’t get time to check all the links. (The google news one is not opening now)

    It’s unfortunately ironic that people can’t see the obvious hazard. To most of ‘sensible and practical’ people, it’s a marvelous progress – that offers an alternate fuel, increases productivity, increases income, and that betters the lives of millions. Their plain argument would be production is increasing to meet consumption, so what stupid argument is that of starving? One has to starve to understand what food is. Ten years back, if someone had made the same arguments about water, the very same people would have reacted the same way. Only the other day, one of my friends was telling me about seeing advertisements in near future asking us to ‘Save Food’.

    Reminds me of a scene from Rashamon, where the character who narrates the story, tears off wood planks from the shelter and burn a fire while it’s raining outside. All one can hope for is the rain to finish before the shelter does.

    Really good work there! Was starving for something like this 🙂

  2. clash said, on June 5, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    Happened to watch a programme in BBC about coal mining in the Artic, the head of that mission says “global warming is good for our business, we have got lot of coal, but storage is a problem, as of now we store coal for around 7 months, if ice starts melting means this time span will reduce”. Great! Hopeless, oh.. i am not supposed to tell that.

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