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Arsenal-Chelsea (1-1)

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, soccer by clash on May 6, 2007

Two big shots in English Premier League are fighting it out in the newly constructed Emirates stadium of Arsenal. At half time Arsenal leads 1 goal to nil.( 41st minute) Julio “beast” Baptista was brought down by Khaled “animal” Boularouhz, this earned Arsenal a penalty which was successfuly converted by their skipper Gilberto.

Post half time :

The kind of inspiration Jose Mourinho instills in his players can be psychedelic. Chelsea played an immaculate second half and Essien scored an equaliser. Arsenal was not in their elements and they lack some kind of inspiration. I think they are comfortable with champions league position this time. A bit of arrogance smears the playman ship of some players like Fabergas. He lost out a ball to Chelsea by trying a delicate touch of his. Adebayor was not up to his self but we all know he is not an Henry or Van Persie. But with a one goal advantage Arsenal could have reaped more out of this.

Alexander Hleb is a good player with his twists and turns but i still cant imagine a European player who cannot shoot. He is absolutley hopless when it comes to shooting. Though Baptista earned us a penalty, he confirmed my view point – It is better that he leave than he stay. He does not get in to positions neither does he have the pace that suits English football.

Now to square up the whole match – It ended in a subtle 1-1 draw with Essien scoring a glancing header out of wright-Philips cross in the 70th minute. Chelsea had a better second half and Arsene made a wrong substitution according to me – Diaby was taken out. Anyway it does not make much of a difference, we have ensured a place in the  Champions League. Chelsea on the other hand is left with 7 point gap with Manchester United after their 1-0 Victory against Mancehster City yesterday.

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