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Feminism and Chavez

Posted in Hugo chavez by clash on November 9, 2006

I am not going to discuss what Chavez has done to the down-trodden of Venezuela, Is he spending all the oil revenues sagely? But he did make Noam Chomsky’s book the No: 1 best seller in Amazon lists. (Did all the voters in America read this? The outcome of the poll perplex me!). He received thunderous applause for his speech in U.N. May be all a propaganda show-off to pull of the forthcoming election in December. It doesn’t matter much to me. But when I was surfing this illusionary cyber world I came across a blog written by an Iranian expat in England, who is a feminist and more over a vociferous activist-
Maryam Namazie.
I don’t support or vouch all those atrocities unleashed against women in a theocratic and retrograde regime like the one in Iran. Neither can I forget that Iran is in next-in-line to be bombed by the war Mongering machine- U.S. I have always found many a stance taken by feminists so queer. Women are oppressed in Iran, does this mean, Hugo Chavez should not make a political alliance with Iran to oppose a bigger threat- U.S? When I saw her blog, I had an irresistible urge to comment there, like many of their (women) actions, this piece written by Maryam Namazie did provoke a disgusted feeling. Why do they constrict their opinions? I hope in Israel women are treated with all the dignity available, does that mean any man with scruples will have a political alliance with them? I wonder.

Here goes my comment for Maryam Namazie.

Chavez wanted to garner support for his UNSC membership. He criss-crossed the globe in his private jet and met so many leaders and visited some countries again and again. The regime in Iran is one of them, he had a special interest there because, it was supposedly the next target of the war mongering- machine U.S.

Equality of gender, is a big question. But let us put it this way, when America carpet bombed iraq, they dint specifically select women and bombed them, did they?

Now in front of a war, the question of gender never comes;so it is foremost to make a decision to stop such a war. Then comes the question of gender.

Of making choices to partner with whom and not, is a very tight question in this world now. We live in a situation where every speech of Chavez is greeted with a thunderous applause, but there is no one else who make a speech like that.

The question of war/imperialism should be dealt with utmost urgency. Chavez was trying to do that. An allaince with the theocratic regime of Iran dint mean that he wanted all the women in Iran to be doomed.

Feminist rather try to constrict their ideas in a very narrow sense, the cause can be dealt with, if they have a wider perspective about issues.

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  1. Hafez said, on November 10, 2006 at 8:35 am

    Well Unni u think the women in “westernised” societies are liberated and doing better?
    no they are slaves to commodity fetishism driven by the male dominated capitalist society and thus themselves becoming a commodity. Even the main stream feminists have become a tool in the hands of capitalism, just like how Christianity is sewed into the western secularism( or is it the other way around? ). The theocratic regime in Iran is indeed oppressive. Well, and the state of women there is nothing better than the women of the late godless theocracy of USSR (may ‘his” soul rest in peace). It’s just the Ideology that demands them “to serve the men who are fighting for a new tomorrow”. And now tell me what is the difference that Capitalist democracy (read America) has in store for them?

    And bout our lady’s stance
    Well there is nothing surprising
    Feminism itself is an obsolete, redundant ideology
    and this is an issue with people who are so convinced by what they speak
    sometimes blinded by their own objective
    I agree with you it’s a narrow vision
    may be it’s the egocentricism of mass psyche
    may be she is not reading Camille Paglia

    and Israel !!!!!!
    well to liberate, the oppressed should laugh off the oppressor
    and we should not take them seriously

    hey Unni written in a haze
    And a man constantly evolves u know
    Well was just telling you !!!!!!!

  2. Renegade Eye said, on November 11, 2006 at 4:55 am

    Maryam is a team member of my blog.

    This was written ny a comrade of Maryam’s on the subject:

    Chavez’s Shameful Embrace of Ahmadinejad.

    I half agree with you. I think Chavez should have made a statement. I don’t personally oppose state to state relations.


  3. Dhanya said, on November 14, 2006 at 5:18 am

    cool! 🙂 am proud of you and next time, kindly get it edited…

  4. chunds said, on November 14, 2006 at 9:04 am

    whats with the new look?? anyway i’m in no position to comment on this issues, haven followed any kind of politics off late……

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