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Terrorist ???

Posted in Christiano Ronaldo, Football, Israel, Racism, terrorist, World Cup 2006, Zidane by clash on July 10, 2006 claims that “zizou was addressed a terrorist”. Independent carried a painfully long article which didactically stated, what, such a head butt from zidane caused to the moral aspect of the game, that fifa is trying to mould as a fair one.

When Paintsil waved an Israeli flag, the Ghana Football association came out and apologized that “He is naive; he doesn’t know anything about the current political situations”. Now that seems to be as outright lie, considering that fact that the Israeli spokesperson lauded Painstil’s effort. It was a cheap effort by the Israeli govt by making the meek Ghanaian indoctrinated by their fancies. An effort to stage themselves in the arena, where they never could reach and they obviously know that, these kind of senseless acts wont be done by any other player or one from a respectable footballing nation.

Sports should be devoid of politics that is what all of us envy it to be. But it is not. Rather, it is not at all. Where is the liberal Europe, which has the capacity to tolerate all this discriminations? If Materrazzi called Zidane as terrorist, it in itself is a terrorist act. Any person of high moral respect would have lost his wits. Zidane lost it, and now he is the villain. Where is Matterazi, who addressed him as a terrorist? France lost, it may be because of zidane’s cabal act but when you take a decision, you should fair enough to judge the provocation too. It calls for an urgent measure to bring these kinds of situations under control. We witnessed 3 of them in these 6 months, Eto being greeted by the Spanish fans with Monkey chant, The Spanish coach referring to Henry as “black shit” and escaping with a paltry fine of 2000 Euros. Racism in Football is like an invisible clout. It is everywhere, but it is not anywhere.

In these troubled times, we will see serious repercussions from self made, self respectable individuals, when we make acerbic comments. If zidane was called a terrorist, it is an insult which can go deep down to your roots. Even if, it was a provoking act, the political implication of such a provocation needs to be clearly studied. It proves, the world has lost it tolerance, that an indecent word can fuel a row. If matterazi has made some offence like that, the new Italian govt should make all the needs to have a platform for apology. Cheekiness is the nature of football and that is why Christiano Ronaldo poked himself in to the brawl and as they claim, got Rooney out. What wrong did he do? There was no politics involved, he just measured a situation correctly and reaped the benefits out of it. There is no History, Lineage or self hurt.

A million times I thought of scribbling something about World Cup 2006, nothing materialized. I started watching the World Cup 2006 Final match as a supporter of Italy, though later on started sympathizing with France. A very rare situation, as I never liked Italy, All because of Berlusconi and then because of their Style of game. A hundred passes and then a Long ball to the other half and a stunning goal by all those mercurial strikers they come with. It was never football. But under Marcelo Lippi, they gathered momentum in the semi final’s against Germany, Not say the least, it was stunning display by the Italians and it was obvious for me to support them, a very situation I decided to forgo my political inclinations and support Italy. May be, Romano Prodi eased things out for me.
When the game started, France had umpteen things to prove and they did so. Zidane had to be the savior, Henry had to be the best striker, Viera and Thuram had to prove their worth too for they wont be getting another chance to prove in world Cups. They all lived up to the expectations and Italy was humbled to the same old style of passing around and launching a high ball to the next half. Luca Toni Never sufficed their needs. An erratic goal keeper to rely on to, France would have never wanted to take it to penalties and just before that came the “Head Butt”. Why? I again sympathize with Zidane, He had to prove to Le-Pen, but the whole show was spoiled by some “Le-pennish” comments by Matterazzi.

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  1. Nomadic said, on July 10, 2006 at 2:07 pm

    hey, you sure about those comments to Zidane.
    I didnt watch the match on TV.

    Zidane was awesome in the last 3 games I was shocked when I saw the head butt!

    but Italy beat Germany & that counts a lot considering the way Germany was playing in this WC.

  2. Ullas said, on July 10, 2006 at 4:07 pm

    Zidane seemed frustrated even before the head butt. I never saw him yell like what he did after Buffon saved his header. He was feeling the pressure of performing at what was “his swansong”.

    Nothing can explain his behaviour. A senior player who was almost going to become a legend has now killed his own legend with that one final act.

    For that matter the goal from Zidane was nothing spectacular as it came after a dive by a French player. The referee was to blame there.

    Oh and Toni did make it 2-1 but the lineman called him offside on a play that look clearly onside.

    So on the day Italy was definitely the better team being able to put two goals into the net during regular play.

  3. Dawn....सेहर said, on July 11, 2006 at 2:24 am

    I agree with Ullas…hence the team that was most deserving got the cup

  4. chunds said, on July 11, 2006 at 2:33 am

    well, I’ve always been a die hard italian fan. i had a hunch they were goin to win from the beginig. but what Zidane did was just shocking, outright shocking!!! it was so unnecessary….
    true that at some point of the game even the best of the best get frustrated and worked up, but its a matter of character. one has to keep ones cool.
    again i had no idea that he was accused a terrorist. in that case everyone s a terrorist. and on the whole, the refreein in the tournament was questionable…

  5. clash said, on July 11, 2006 at 10:51 am

    The question is not the game, it is about the underlying factors and the necessity of FIFA to counter these attrocious verbal flings that players throw at each other. Its a vulnerable world.

  6. The Perfect Brewing said, on July 11, 2006 at 2:26 pm

    Well, lets salute the great man for being human at least !

  7. PythoRoshan said, on July 11, 2006 at 3:23 pm

    it’s true.. the Italian team is a different side from the old teams..they played beautiful soccer vs the germans before being again reduced to their old style from the 2nd half in the finals..
    but I’m sorry.. it doesn’t matter what people say on the field. You cannot head butt a person on his chest.. everyone looks to psyche you out, that doesnt mean everyone falls for it..really stupid play from Zizou to end his career

  8. Hafez said, on July 12, 2006 at 12:08 pm

    Zidane transformed himself from a football player to a cult hero.
    I was never been a fan of Zidane
    but since the headbutt of Matterazi
    I should admit, things are different with me ( about Zidane). I do not know much about the technical side of the game. I believe football has more to it than just a game. It’s an emotion and I could never love Italy for the kind of foot ball they play. When they are out in the field they just want to win, as if it’s a war. But I had seen the barriers melting as well. people whom the French colonized for decades terrorized for eight long years , fighting a ridiculous war to suppress them further more came in support for the French team just for this Man
    Our Man of the moment is not Matterazi, not Gattuso and not all those celebrated stupid fucks who pl only the negative game ( How many times Ronoldos dived , feigned injury), fuck them all. Our man of the moment is Zizou. I love him, admire him for not just the magic he possessed, but the real human being he is.

    “You can take the man out of the rough neighbourhood, but you can’t take the rough neighbourhood out of the man,” Thierry Henry about Zidane-Matterazi incident

  9. Anonymous said, on July 14, 2006 at 9:49 am

    You really cant expect a lot from Matterazis and Gattusos who probably would have idolised their facist roots waking up every morning to the picture of Mussoulini?
    Hail Zizou for the showing the legend he was by being the man from the rough neighbourhood.

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