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The room that was….

Posted in College, Semester, SWAT by clash on March 23, 2006

After a Stupid 4th Semester, I strolled back to college with all those repugnance towards that place shimmering in my head and all those last nerves I had in me. A day before the classes started I ended up in college. I was given the opportunity to select my room, alas! I was going to get a single room. I knew it was going to be a fight to gather all nerves to wake up in the morning and move my self to the classes, which already had turned out to be a big burden. A shared room had so many advantages, depending on the people whom you share it with. I really did not have a nice time, sharing rooms with others. The groaning and growling of a roommate early in the morning always perplexed me, later I came to find out that he is just unleashing his fury. A john Grisham fan who used to spend all his night reading those books and was very busy sleeping the whole day and a person who is indescribable in my words accompanied my stay in a room called D-36…I always had complaints about that room. The people were not up to the mark and light never came inside properly. The window of the room was blocked with a big wall that provided the support for staircase and that blocked the light that needed to be entered in to the room. If light does not come to the room, that in turn makes the room very dark and in turn makes it difficult to wake up in the morning because you never know is it dark outside or whether the day has broken ( It seemed to be a valid comment for missing all those 1st hours of class).

Even semesters (2, 4, 6, and 8) were always bad on the academic front for me. The joy and excitement provided by a measly successful odd semester used to over run till the end of the even semester and that always used to put me in bad shape. I used to think, “Fuck, the success of the last semester could not be savored to the fullest, exams are here” and used to end that thought with an extensive “fuck it”. I always had companions in shouting that “fuck it” aloud. To rephrase and rebuild these connotations, which continued for the first 4 semesters, I thought I need a single room. And there I was to select and single room and I did. Topaz 95, sounds like a razor blade name? No, Topaz was our hostel and I resided in 95. First few days were awesome, the bliss of sleeping alone and a strange neighborhood forced me to go to bead early and that in turn caused an early wake up. Days went by, Classes turned out to be the same. An old MIT pass out (sorry, it is not Massachusetts, its Madras) Bragging about all those nuts and screws, which I thought, will never suffice the world to run. Sleeping turned out to be cozier without all those groaning and growling and the steel furniture except the cot remained intact. All those insects, which were lucky enough to lose their lives, fell on my table and it provided the best death bed for them for they were never cleaned up or eaten by any other predators, which would have gobbled them, if it were not my room. It was 3rd year and every seemed to be very mellowed down from their earlier spirits.

I started visiting my next door hostel where so many of our comrades resided. There was music and masti there. The masti sometimes even pushed us to those limits where I and one of my comrades could not speak even after a compulsive attempt at doing so for around 10 mins. Trichy rocks! Whiskey in the jar- Metallica, Knock knocking on heavens door – guns n roses, comfortably numb- Pinkfloyd were the OST’s of those times. Day by day as the time went on, we found ourselves placed in awkward situations that we hardly spoke anything to each other. Advices and threats were often but we outlived all those with so much of oomph. Suddenly issues like “ruckus in the next room keeps me awake”, “I don’t know where they are heading “, “and those are bunch of freaks”cropped up. We decided to mellow down and there came a small pause. With the pause came the covert nature of life.

I started brooding over issues and contemplating over them in my room. The next-door neighborhood became friendly, though they complained that, am missing most of the time and they never got me for all those fun they had. (Sorry, watching kal ho na ho in a confined room and laughing aloud for all those sick jokes?). Complaints about me not visiting my comrades in the next hostel also cropped up. I scorned it off.

I had started developing paranoia; I always thought that my room is going to be busted by SWAT team. (Thanks for the movie SWAT and all those smokes).It gripped me badly that I started loosing sleep and I had some covert conversations with my comrades about this. They proposed an idea, which in turn backfired badly. It was to get a zero-watt bulb, place it in the room, and keep it switched on all the while. It was just an effort to scorn off the darkness that grips the room and to see clearly if any SWAT members infiltrated to my room. The idea rocked and the next consignment of achan’s money reached. As always, it had this small paper in which achan scribbled the ideas that I should be conforming, to push my life ahead in a successful way. The idea of buying the bulb overruled the “N: no: of ideas my achan proposed. A zero- watt bulb appeared in my room. The color of the light was Blood Red.

The light was on, my walls turned brownish and I started sleeping well. (To be Continued…)

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  1. Dhanya said, on March 23, 2006 at 1:36 pm

    and that was the red lighted bulb…and that is most expected.

    i have been hearing the stories for over more than an year now…still, somehow, the tinge of freshness is still there in it, whenever you repeat them…

    i have heard different versions, from different people…and of course, it begins with…”oh the bulb in his room…FFUUCCKKKK”

    Good post!

  2. chunds said, on March 23, 2006 at 3:04 pm

    ah… those good old days… the only time i balcked out was in that room…. pentagram was playing…. then it was darkness..

  3. Nomadic said, on March 26, 2006 at 6:01 pm

    🙂 5th n 6th sem were …. well indescribable. I wonder if we would do that again if time turned around somehow. I like to believe we were merry pathless peace loving hippies.

    Its frozen in a picture frame now…

    Those were some amazing days!

  4. W-Bix said, on March 27, 2006 at 5:43 pm

    sometimes when i read posts like yours, then i wish i had stayed in a hostel too. sounds like a lot of fun.

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