Corporate Social Negligence!

Theorizing what you call the garbage

Posted in Adorno, politics, slavoj zizek by clash on December 1, 2005

If no word which enters a literary work ever wholly frees itself from its meaning in ordinary speech, so no literary work, not even the traditional novel, leaves these meanings unaltered, as they were outside it. Even an ordinary ‘was’, in a report of something that was not, acquires a new formal quality from the fact that it was not so. The same process occurs in the higher levels of meaning of a work, all the way up to what once used to be called its ‘Idea’ – Theodor Adorno, ‘Commitment’

May be its too much to ask or expect from someone who questions the quintessential presence of politics in my life.Neither can i propose a proper reason for the omnipresence of politics in my life.Its all about taking a stance, its all about thinking about the forgetful past and not trying to forget it.Its all about not being in the same clan of natural human beings who traversed their life without any kind of dissent in their life.

“anti-politics” is the new buzz word!! You should keep it from the market economy and sorts of it.The underlying fact is cleverly masked from us.Who drives the market and what drives the market is not a question, the protagonist is the market and love him/her and adrore him/her as a silver screen hero!

Ignorance that we never want to wade off has incessantly crept or rather fed to us in a malicious way which we never realised.Moreover we have this tendency to mock the one who realises it with bitter criticisms and easy go comments.Look what slavoj zizek has to tell about this ignorance

I am still a naïve, enlightened person. One should challenge it, but without illusions. Here I’m in a very tragic predicament. I’m not saying that I have a blueprint for what to do today. My remaining hope is a very sad, pessimistic hope. The ruling system of ideology created such high democratic expectations that it cannot live up to them. Gradually, it will have to violate them. Once people are given certain rights, even if they are purely ideological, it’s difficult to take these rights from them. It won’t be easy to discipline people, to say, “No, we promised you too much.” If you combine this with likely future economic upheavals…. My worry is not the worry of many of my leftist friends, like, “Why are you dreaming about revolutions? The system will just go on.” No – I am almost tempted to say unfortunately, because unstable pre-revolutionary situations are not a holiday of history. They can be very unpleasant. But they will compel us to invent new political forms. In a couple of years, we will be literally forced to reinvent new ways.

If you still consider igonorance is still a bliss, then we will see a Bush alike being elected and we have the right organizations to push such a personality to us.The last was a wanton poet at helm, and now a neo liberal sardar may be the next is a dictator!

For sure “The civilization is a failure”

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  1. chunds said, on December 2, 2005 at 6:51 pm

    dude, i appreciate your writting, and i have great respect for you as an individual. your on a different plain, but make what you write truly yours, i mean keep it original and unique, don’t quote others as often as this…. its there on almost all your work. most of it is someone else’s and don’t let that be the same with your life. be yourself!
    don’t let what someone else said govern your life!

    “those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy, forget in time that men have died to win them” Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    ps: check mine out, u might find this next one interesting.

  2. clash said, on December 3, 2005 at 11:20 am

    its about extracting the good n leaving the junk! its not all about devouring the whole!

  3. hope and love said, on December 3, 2005 at 12:44 pm

    extracting the good and leaving out the junk is grt i feel..
    whats wrong in sharing what u have come across somewhere and sharing it..?

  4. chunds said, on December 3, 2005 at 5:18 pm

    yes thats true, but just don’t over do it…. its becoming regular with your writting. no harm done, just absorb it….. i mean even i come across a lot of great stuff, worth the mention, but if were only to do so i’m just makin myself a representative fot them, like some advertising agent! i don’t want to be an ambasidor for the shairing of knowledge. its upto each individual to seek and find their own knowledge, in this era of information explosion!

    but i do agree with hope and love….
    its just abt knowing where to draw the line…

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