Corporate Social Negligence!

goo.. goo.. this one is for you

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on November 30, 2005

In a looney world where people belt out stories that is almost incomprehensible and boringly reduntant;what i am speaking is all about a hand that caressed them and the long row of books he saw in her cupboard or she saw in his, and the lost feeling that they experience of the torture and the departure and the wholsome gulag!! phew!

you and your words are adorable for a person who wishes to view this world through a different kaleidoscope than the usual one!!

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  1. Dhanya said, on December 1, 2005 at 7:32 am

    🙂 three cheers to goo goo

  2. Hafez said, on December 1, 2005 at 10:59 am

    I tried to read “YOU” in it and missed you. Then I tried to read “ME”in it, but I lost somewhere. May be I was too fast. Or may be too slow !!!!
    But I still feel like I’m inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 😉

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