Corporate Social Negligence!


Posted in José Arcadio Buendía by clash on October 7, 2005

Darling of an insipid introspection,she blossomed like a ravishing flower,nodded her head in all directions for the currents of wind that blew across, but was omnipotent and later omnipresent.she was called “silence”, an effort of diligence,the outcome of a sacred surveillance.”i am more sinned against than sinning”!
“Bob, what are you rebelling against”? – against-> a placid and lucid status-quo that every normal bloke knows is disgustingly tough to disrupt!.All i need is a little time,besides time is all that a man needs, the rest is nothing but illusion.status-quo inevitably turns out to be an essantial illusion.


yeah,”what” remains as a word coined for questioning,however better than “why”

trapped inside some clean ironed clothes,
i choked and suffocated,
the rebellion seems to bein vain,
there seems to be no get away –

It is like chasing a fortune that started running to the opposite direction long back.Fortune to the “right” and me to the “left”- the obvious choice,but here it happened that fortune long back started running to the “right”. oh! someone like José Arcadio Buendía proved in vain that earth is a sphere. All i need is a little time and on the sphere i am expecting a bizzare clash with that “fortune” who turned his back to me and started running.It can be the apogee of the rebellion.There is no rebellion without a cause and for sure no rebel without a cause.Mesmerized one’s fail to identify the cause, as jose saramago in his lovely tale “stone raft” tells :It is a common knowledge that every effect has its cause,and this is a universal truth,however,it is impossible to avoid certain errors of judgement,or of simple identification,for we might think that this effect comes from that cause,when afterall it was some other cause,beyond any understanding we posseses or knowledge we think we have!
For sure the cause and effect relationship still holds a point or more!
tuck! there is a blockade! a suicide bomber in the way! kudos to him!

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  1. hope and love said, on October 8, 2005 at 1:48 pm


  2. Anonymous said, on October 12, 2005 at 12:39 pm

    hey wait a minute…before i comment…i wanna read it again!
    if i tell u that…don’t do anything in life, i will fund ur expenses, PLEASE WRITE A BOOK??? will u accept it?
    i don’t even need a dedication. there is fire, and there has been a lot of smoke, still more to come…can’t u just try? for the sake of something that you claim to hold for a lot of people?

  3. Dani said, on October 13, 2005 at 5:55 pm

    ahem…ahem …. let me read it once more ..I wont giveup so easily 😦

  4. SnM said, on October 17, 2005 at 3:18 pm

    José Arcadio Buendía… I’m still reading that book. Haven’t been able to find time lately…

    And, oh yeah, I too had lost it. I thought it was forever, and was euphoric to have found it again! 🙂

  5. chunds said, on October 17, 2005 at 3:53 pm

    i fail to understand the point made here…. but it definitely takes some pondering upon. did you write this yourself? or were there any greater minds at work?

    PS: check my blog out. and ya, i need to read it again!

  6. The troublemaker said, on October 18, 2005 at 12:21 pm

    hello comrade!
    its been long time since I commented, i got lost in the corporate jungle.
    posted something after a gap of two months.
    this post was a tough read nevertheless it was poetic and i can see i has drawn rave reviews but i think i will have to review it again

  7. W-Bix said, on October 27, 2005 at 11:41 am

    edgy… but the kind i guess i’d expect from you.

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