Corporate Social Negligence!

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Posted in Frontline by clash on August 9, 2005

In this part of the world, news papers comes with a sunday supplement with glossy,glamorous pics of nymphets.Leave alone the sunday supplement the day to day news papers too.. people are fed with unreal,illusionary,glossy news. I have never been that dumb to devour all these. So every fortnight i stroll in the scorhing heat to get a copy of the “FRONTLINE”(its a big fight!!) and it rarley lets me down. I devour all the articles that arouse my interest.The articles written by walden bello, aijaz ahmed, dionne bunsha,vijay prashad,jhon cherian become the menu for the next 2 or 3 days.. they give me a sense. A sense of a person who delve in to the real matters, than having a periperal idea of things.I got the new frontline, i was particularly moved by a paragraph written by Dionne bunsha in the article “On the highroad to `Shanghai’ ” it goes like this :

AFTER six months without a home, something snapped inside Durgpati Sinha. Early one morning, Durgpati went back to the edge of the creek where her home once stood. She cried, laughed, sang hysterically in front of those squatting near the creek, shouting, “I will get my house back, I won’t let the government take it.” In her frenzy, she slipped and fell into the marsh. Her husband Vijay was woken up and immediately took her back to their friend’s hut, calmed her down and put her to sleep. When he left, Durgpati poured a bottle of kerosene over her body and lit a match. As she burned, her six-year-old daughter Rajni looked on.

Now the new age, mesmerised, gung-ho professional rarely knows about all these..he wants mumbai to be shanghai, banglore to be london and chennai to be sydney.Its a traumatic situation where we forget about rest of the nation and destruct or demolish or crush them to build something what will be essentially unrealistic.!

The decisions to maraud the underdogs, who are often referred to as illegal(they all caste their vote!!) are taken by some bureaucrat or a minister who is always bothered to be in the so called “high society”,talking about the high society i stumbled upon a piece in “TEHELKA” , why high society stinks?? by Livleen sharma(gypsy woman, thats how they have addressed her).I dont know the credibility of this piece of writing because i have seen cyrus broacha and that kind appearing in that column. Its kinda dichotomous situation where the high society people brag about,”how it stinks” that can be pretty funny, or mightily DECEIVING. Some how i liked the piece and the minister or the bureaucrat is a part of this :

Society has several types and classes who believe in, imagine, fantasise, get visions of being fashionable. They think and perceive, feel elegant, graceful, suave in their tarty drab clothes that are vulgarly expensive….

Alas, the ‘women’. Miserable! They can be put into two groups: the ones who are hunting for husbands and the ones who are hiding from them. I meet these women at parties and get-togethers which turn out to be a night-out for me. What the heck do I mean by a night-out? A night-out means a party, does it not? No, to me a night-out is like going cruising down 42nd Street to watch the streetwalkers. Seeing these supposedly lady-like, well-bred, decorous, dignified women turning into hookers with a vengeance, I wonder about this yearning within these women to turn into a demimondaine

So in the haute monde, high society of today, there is the “other” or second wife. I never found any difference. They are very popular, seen everywhere and anywhere, and well–received. No party can be called a success if you do not have half a dozen of these women.

This “woman of no importance” understood life a lot different than the “woman of importance”. She understands love as lust, hate as envy, longing as greed. Money is the essence of life. She never understood good from the bad, sin or virtue. She believes that “sanity is madness put to good use”.

The second one is not a news, but still it calls for a debate, or a rethink to ones who rush to there.

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  1. chunds said, on August 10, 2005 at 4:39 pm

    first of all i must say that i’m really happy to see that ur keeping urself occupied with things that matter. its like chicken soup for the soul…..
    its really hard to find any kind of literature out here that is of any significant value. no wonder i don’t read when i’m at home!!! not that i’m not trying, but everything that s on paper out here is literally junk and way too overshadowed by dirty, cheap politics….
    even the newspapers suck. the only sections i go thru is the international one, coz the local media cannot influence external political and social events.

    that second piece in my opinion, atleast regarding the metros in india, is indeed very true…. but i do’t think its all that bad. i know that there are still good worthwhile people out there worth knowing. girls included!

  2. hope and love said, on August 17, 2005 at 8:19 am

    il have to start reading frontline..

  3. geekgod said, on August 17, 2005 at 2:20 pm

    hey Unni not every news papres comes with just the pics of nymphets
    here is a n article
    What you call a country which still discriminate against its majority??
    Yes if you can go by the facts and figures dalits are having a numerical majority in India. In a country you call fre, a Dhalit can not hoist her national flag.

    check out the article

  4. The troublemaker said, on August 17, 2005 at 5:28 pm

    hi classh
    what you said applies to most of the newspapers, but here the hindu still holds its head high.

  5. clash said, on August 19, 2005 at 7:41 am

    whos this geek by the way??

  6. geekgod said, on August 23, 2005 at 11:43 am

    you never know

  7. Nomadic said, on August 29, 2005 at 3:16 pm

    I agree about the papers. Calvin n Hobbes is my only salvation. Actually hardly been reading anything else oflate…

    But I think its good to dream… good to think about making mumbai better than this… but it can only be done by pulling up the hungry.

    btw There is this dude called George something who bought a few acres of land in karnataka; distributed it among the farmers (he’s into farming himself) n now they produce the max number of bananas in India(farmer/businessmen!)… plus he runs a hi-fi school for destitute kids.. its empowerment.. its awesome…

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