Corporate Social Negligence!

quest for variety :)-

Posted in kaledioscope by clash on June 7, 2005

A plunge. a lightning streak of kaledioscopic colours: red,yellow,green and more of them which i dont know the names, i was in a incognito maze.i was running through the darkest alleys, red lights,barren concrete planks which hurt my bare foot, distant glimmer of the fading light, i was in a hurry to the reach the other end which never seemed approcahing.i was panting like a dog, i repented for all the smoke i inhaled in. my head started spinning i saw all the smoke that i inhaled in curling in and percolating in to all my grey cells destroying them and eating up my psyche.running with sweat dripping from all the pores of my body in the scorching heat that pervaded in the thick air in that night .. i was off to a journey that doesnt have a meaning and end… i saw whores bidding themselves at me, i was saw gays drooling over my sweat ridden body,i saw kids running away from me because i was the only one running in a hurry in that placid hot night.many a lights were passed by .. i ran in to further darkness nothing obstructed my way.. running in to the darkness.. i myself got lost in it.. the colours were no more.. darkness all around.

“hey stop sleeping, its time to get down”. the tyres screeched, i got down rubbed my eyes.. the same old people, the same old smell,the same old place, the quest for variety was comprehensively snubbed!

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  1. chunds said, on June 9, 2005 at 6:34 am

    drunk on a bus????

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