Corporate Social Negligence!

impending future…..

Posted in College, MBA by clash on March 11, 2005

Me in college! back to the good old days in “net lab”. just that, now its with a borrowed account.anyway done with it.

Now today is kinda special. when i was in train to college, i get a call from my pop telling that a letter from hydbad univ: has arrived in home. with my usual complacency, it flickered in my mind, the news in it will be of my place in a frigging waiting list for their MBA course. ( to be true, i really dint expect a letter to come!! thats the way my thoughts go now a days..) Alas! my pop cracks the news to me that im selected there!! happy, i became for a while.. not that im not happy now.. but.. but.. anyway all together good. its just that im not ecstasic about it or something.

Got down at trichy fort, walked till “banana leaf” had a chicken biriyaani. it was just a conscious effort to kindle the good old memories of this place. it did work. put up in pandey’s room, as often this dude has some kinda surpsrise awaiting for u in his comp. This time it was video of WOODSTOCK 69. it really was a different experience. when one of the organizer was asked about the financial success of the event he told : ” u know, its not the money, but where else in earth can u see a peaceful crowd like this??”. its a different experience, 300,000 beatniks gathered there. wow!! i have always thought y was i not born in the 70’s?? now after seeing this , i really think the higher power or synonymous has done a great injustice to me!!
so in the fag end of this long day, filled with the classic erotica: Decameron by giovanni boccacio, a tehelka, a pack of ciggys, the MBA admission notice and last but not least “woodstock69” the whole “things” seems to be brightening up! will the impending future follow the same course??


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