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travails of "T"

Posted in Books by clash on March 1, 2005

“shame is a revolutionary feeling” thats what karl marx told. T got up hearing this. T has always wondered why he was conferred on this name. he had started to abhor his name, because during the usual introspection in to his life he understood that T is one horrible letter. he sighed. he was happy that, he was not conferred names like treachery, torment, tumult,travail, tableau, taboo, taciturn and taint. he thought that the letter T itself is being abhored, now if it was something that starts with T or end with T , it would have been tumultous.

T, through his constant introspections had became taciturn. he did not want to open up himself . the places he went were dead or appeared to be dead for him. he flet as if there is no activity going on around.he often rewound his thoughts, he felt his vision has turned out to be black n white of late. past seems to be more colourful, he thought. T was optimistic though, he saw a faint light at the end of the tunnel. he wanted to cover the the whole distance in a split second. so he ran, but at times he felt so dejected and disgusted, he sat down not for minutes but for hours and sometimes for days . he got engrossed by a sense of futility.

engrossedd in nothingness, puzzled all the way T was getting suffocated. he wanted to break the shackles, he wanted to be free, free for ever but commitments forbid him from doing so. an ethical dilema ate up his brains. no brains, just nothingness!! to coin a sense he resorted to books. he started reading, but the books he read disturbed him more. his choice of books were not correct, ofcourse when all other choices he made went wrong , how can the choice of books be correct?? he sighed. he threw away the book . he was in search of somehting that is inspiring. he did find something, not a book , but unfortunately T’s nothingness, sorrows and questions started to have an epidemic effect. now thats the last thing he wanted. people and things sharing the sombre atmospehere in which T was dwelling.he was sad because it might make those things or people feel stupid. he sighed. he thought.. why??? unintentional though…

At times sombre atmospehere lightens up! there is a rush of blood to ur brain , your pupils dialate. you think, you have the strength to over power the biggest behemoth on earth.T experienced this by reading some words .After a long hunt through so many pages of of so many books he got a piece that gave an adrenalin rush. he infact scribbled it on a piece of paper with his worst hand writing to make it feel original and posted it on the wall in front of him. ( in a day T is in front of this wall for a pretty long time.. ). the wall which is painted white, which has been the only brightest thing in front of him. the words go like this : I REMAINED THERE LOOKING AT THE WIDE SKY , THE RIVER FLOWING ON BLINDLY, A HORSE HALF ASLEEP, THE DIRT ROADS,AND THE KILNS- AND I BEGAN TO REALISE THAT , IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RAGWEED AND DUMP HEAPS AND THAT WHOLE FORSAKEN NEIGHBOURHOOD, I HAD SPROUTED UP NO MORE THAN A WEED MYSELF. WITH OUR BIG MOUTHS AND NO GUTS, WHAT ELSE WOULD GROW THERE BUT TRASH LIKE US?? THEN I THOUGHT NO, THAT THE WORSE PLACE THE TOUGHER IT HAD TO BE.

These words became a quintessential part of him. he rephrased and adapted him to the situation and reloaded himself , so that he had a rush of blood to his brains and his pupils dialated. He infact understood that shame is a revolutionary feeling. :)-

utterly butterly fiction! words flicked from streetcorner man : jorge luis borges!

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  1. chunds said, on March 2, 2005 at 4:54 am

    u son of a bitch… for a moment i actually got impressd. till i reached the last line that is…..
    good reading though….

  2. glimmer said, on March 2, 2005 at 8:49 am

    it was good…the read..i mean worth the time. save the book for me! šŸ™‚

  3. clash said, on March 2, 2005 at 9:01 am

    now.. dude.. the words in the caps.. thats flciked… its a small part.. .. come on!! life goes on adjustments!!

  4. Nariyal Chutney said, on January 26, 2007 at 12:43 pm

    guess everyone goes thru a bit of a dry period and has to rely on utterly butterly fiction šŸ™‚

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