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bits of my scribbles -2

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on February 26, 2005

15/020/05 – Delhi
in Vishwa yuvak kendra dorm. delhi has been altogether fine .y’day evening by 4.45 i got down at delhi.i had got psychin reviews about the new delhi railway station,but nothin atrocious happened. somehow managed to get a pre-paid and went all the way to Teen murti bhavan. on the way i did see red fort :)- .met prashant raghuvamsam in asianet, media people are always cordial.( is it??)
saw some voice overs they give for the 7’o clock news. Back home we just hear dilliyil ninnum prashanth raghuvamsam. now had a first hand experince with all these.. nice!
got my dorm, took bath,had food, called up people and told that im fine. more over someone tells me that this is the first time that person is listening to english music and know what??? pinkfloyd!! ha ha.. ( i need to take this?? im so sceptical as always), anyway prescribed that wish u were here is gonna be on the menu for that person that night. :)- got back to dorm , wanted to read the “other side” by kubin , but was havin slight headache so had some medicines and off to bed. nice sound sleep!. got up by 7.30 in the morning, now these dorm people are telling that there is a group waiting down so i need to check out. thats not fair! anyway i dint pick a fight with him.. i asked him for some more time.. and that was a long time.. nobody knocked at my door.. i locked the door and went for my breakfast came back.. watched t.v.. then tought of writing this down…

now there is no use in me getting out of this place now coz as asianet doesnt open, i cant get to anywhere… but frankly speaking, if i get out of here by now itself, its not a probelm. coz im staying here for 100 f**king bucks. in delhi for 100 fucking bucks- good bathroom- good bed- good cot-good quilt?? and more over loads of chicks in the next dorm!! all in 100 fucking bucks?? no, not possible at all… have to get to chanigarh soon.. delhi is fine.. but it gets on to ur nerve very fast.. it can be a stop over,thats all….

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  1. Aslan said, on February 25, 2005 at 11:10 am

    Who the FUCK is this Bible fella??!!

  2. clash said, on February 25, 2005 at 11:12 am

    i dont know.. thats wot.. even i was.. like.. what the fuck???

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