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sayantan dey-king of bollywood-venki-hydbad

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on February 22, 2005

For the past 2 days i have been in hyderbad. staying with venki. i had an interview out here, gave it.. it went good. so far so good, except that my stomach went berserk out here. happens!! i directly came down here from delhi, venki and dey was there in the railway station to pick me up. directly went to “easy rider” met ashwin too, had our share of fun got back home.. now venki is stayin alone in a apartment in jubilee hills , awesome place!! so the very day i landed over here.. i literally went mad.
next day we went for some shopping , i got some music and a t-shirt, now in between this i had noticed a book in venki’s home. life history of FIDEL CASTRO, with a preface by GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ!! i really thought venki lost the marbles in his head. now i came to know that its not his book, but he took it from someone else to read it. and this someone is dey. whoa.. im impressed.( i lean a bit left!!) and when i turned the pages i was really wonderstruck, things were underlined and studied ratherthan reading it. now that is kindaaa devotion towards it. anyway i couldnt read the whole things. but i dint miss one thing, the preface by marquez. he is a person who does jugglery with language. it is one of the best prefaces i have ever read in my life.

we took 2 cd’s to watch , million dollar baby and king of bollywood. as i was in a light mood after my interview , i watched king of bollywood. not bad!! not bad at all.. piyush jha.. he is the director. who’s that?? i really dont know. but direction is good. “sophie dahl” is there.. thats another reason to cry whoa abt the movie!! om puri as always is class!!

i got the ost of black friday. now i rate it too good. some are typical indian ocean kind of songs. they have been there in the limelight for around 14 years, subtle and calm doing their work and performing across 4 continents. now this can be one of the biggest break or reward they can ever get for their work. its good. i coined this review of mine in a completely different mindset. venki’s home.. alone.. and…. .. its nice to be alone.. and plunge in to music.. it grips.. u.. then i got a u.k punjabi = Dr.zeus. good.. not bad…

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