Corporate Social Negligence!


Posted in Uncategorized by clash on February 11, 2005

Thats it! no more lyrical and no more didactic art of writing. thats not my cuppa coffee.

y’day for the second time i strolled in to the international book exhibition taking place in my home town (they shud have taken off that prefix “inter”)
. i had been there once before, nothing much was happening there, not much of books but lots of people. a chunk mallu intellectuals( many of them pseudo’s, yeah… they are!!) i am never bothered by these people , but some good chicks in pursuit of books(or something) were there, it was pleasing for eyes. umm.. some of them i knew also , but this time i thought not to squander my time by striking a “chirpy-chirpy” talk with them. i hate their squared lips and pesudo sophisticated mannerisms! im so plain a guy!! :)- (self praise is not always donkeys praise!!)

out of nothingness i strolled in to the book fair again for the second time. this time i had some purpose, i wanted to search for 2 books : “love in times of cholera” by gabriel garcia marquez ( coz of its rave review’s by black out king manchu!!) and another book “the name of the rose” by umberto eco , now one of my weird friends from germany ( a virtual friend) told me thats its a must read. i did not bother, but y’day morning, as i was planning to go for this book fair i thought of this book and did some research on it in the net. i came across a speech done by umberto eco after the italian PM’s rhetoric on western culture and its vercaity :
its goes like this ….. IT would be immaterial that someone, in the past few days, had been voicing unseemly assertions as to the superiority of the Western culture. It is immaterial that someone picked the wrong time to voice something he holds to be right, and likewise immaterial that someone believe in something unjust or however wrong, for the world is crowded with people who believe in unjust and awry things; even a gentleman by the name of Bin Laden, whom, perhaps, is wealthier than our Prime Minister and has attended better universities………….. ….

cultural anthropology has been developing as an attempt to heal the remorse of the West toward the Others, especially those Others that used to being defined as savages, historyless societies, primitive peoples. The West had not been soft on the savages: it had “discovered” them, attempted to evangelize them,
exploited them, many it had reduced into slavery, with the help of the Arabs, among others, as the slave-ships were unloaded at New Orleans, by refined gentlemen of French descent, but stowed on the African coast by Muslim traffickers.

now thats some sorta stuff that u must acknowledge!! so i set out to find these books, i got in to the book fair, oh.. this time there was double the crowd. and lots more stalls too.. i was happy. i went in to some stalls… i dint get these books and on top of that i was disgusted by the site of so many book stalls in the name of afsal ul…, kurukshetra, st.jhons. not that im against people reading all religious or so called spiritual books but im so sad that a pseudo-spiritual wave is hijacking our rational socitey.
i really dont know… i equally hate ” THOPPIKKAREYUM,CHARADUKAREYUM,

unleashing the fury by listening to metallica (whiplash,four horsemen ) y’day night i had enough of swing and guitar glimpses by prasanna (ummm… it was good!!) and this time an atom bomb will be falling in my dad’s pocket!! its gonna make too big big a hole.. :)- IM CHAUVINISTIC AND CYNICAL, IT SEEMS.. IM SCEPTICAL TOOO .. UMMMM…….

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  1. kuppivala said, on February 11, 2005 at 11:45 am


    i don’t know what this means!!! who said this to you? that person must be truly enlightened! 🙂 happy journey! will miss u, i think. but do awefully well and make it good! smile a lot(which i know u do, bumbum) and try reducing on whatever is high! 😉 keep away for the time being from addictions and the ones still in the process of making u addicted. addiction is never a good word u see! 😉 take care and don’t get lost!

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