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Posted in Uncategorized by clash on February 10, 2005

im angry with things as such now a days, now if someone ask me why?? i really dont have any idea, why is it so? i was balancing myslef one the thin line between sanity and insanity. of late i think my life has lost that balance altogether and
its leaning more towards the insane side. i really tried so many ways out, books, thinking ( this all the more pushed me down the insane road) and to some extent music; nothing really worked out. now i dont mean to tell that, what ever i read, heard and thought is in vain. they have helped me , they have disturbed me , thinking on things that i have read and heard i spent hours and hours.. as whole these things derailed my mind.. so now im on my insane side. i dont regret though it seems “madness is a flower in ur head” isnt that nice??? ( i really dont know, but years back when heated discussions used to occur in our coutyard with my dad and his friends , i over heard this comment by one of his friends!!) umm.. thats where things stand.

insanity is inherent in all, its that some shows it out. they really are the one who exploits the freedom of speech and expression :)- i was reading a travelogue in a mallu weekly, so there the writer describes a particular place in england where u find a group of people listening to some people speaking. if you thought, it was tony blair who was speaking out there, nope! its some ordinary people who wanted to speak out their minds.. it seems one fully clad dude was speaking about the futility of the clothes we wear :)- sounds so queer , but… madness speaks at times… :)-

that was a prologue; i really wanted to write about that things that were there in my life, that influenced me (i dont really know abt this)………..

1. movies: the list is a long one.i started watchin movies seriously after i got in to college (REC). here we watched the intricacies of movies.. discussed abt that; i really owe something great to my group of friends out there.
i have attended 2 film fest’s, one the prestigious IIFK and one a small time fest in my home town. on these 2 occasions i literally eat,drank and slept movies.
to list out the movies that i love

1. american beauty

2. das experiment

3. pulp fiction ( tarentino- though seen only one movie of his oh.. no. . kill bill 1 umm.., but he is one of my all time favourties)

4. dr.strange love ( umm.. thats kinda strange!!)

5. apocalypse now

6. city of god (latin america rocks)

7. aguirre the wrath of god (distrubing its!!) (german- werner herzog)

8. yojimbo (kurasowa, funny.. class!!)

9. megha dhaka tara (ritwik ghatak-bengali, ummm.. its okie… tragedy)

10.the cantebury tales (pasolini- italian-this dude got shot dead!! u can think wot he is!!)

11. salo or 120 days of sodom ( oooh.. this is so crass a movie)

12. forest gump (tom hanks- he he.. he’s great!)

13. notting hill (its weird that its here.. but ought to)

14. frida ( salma hayek – i love her, her best perfomance, i think! )

15. tango ( argentina -land of guevera- great things, great people emerge from there.. so is the cinema)

16. amelie (french – in zmz, good one!!)

17. mamma roma (italian- pasolini)

18.split wide open (laila rouss-chick chick, rahul bose- the rookie does well, good movie)

19. a korean movie, i dont really remember the name

20. vidheyan (mallu, in our own way we rock!! mammooty-stupendous)

21. vasthuhaara( mallu again, slow but. now mohanlal -stupendous)

22. bhootha kannadi (umm.. it just demolished the concept of a hero in movie, oh.. mammooty-he rocks!!)

23. mahanadi (kamal- he is just too good)

24. anbe sivam ( i know.. it might be odd that its here.. but.. for me.. it can be here)

25. fahrenheith 9/11 ( oh.. goodness, y the hell dint i remember this till now?? moore- dude/activist/ – he ro ro ro rocks!, u just cannot miss him, he is behind almost all the dissent voice in america, RATM. SOAD :)- )

Now i know, i have missed out many in this. hey coconut if ya remember somethin we saw tell me. and about the only one movie which really sent a chill down my spine till now – the ring!, good direction – gore verbinski, his next venture was pirates of the carribean! that means he is a guy with stuff!!

music : now.. this is gonna be pretty long too…

1. the doors ( huh! these ppl rocks, they make u go nuts)

2. metallica ( umm.. they are gods, they produce the best sound!!)

3. ozzy ( ummm.. he is good, but of late he changed his words, thats not fair!)

4. aerosmith ( they have one of the best vocalsit.)

5 dire straits ( sultans of swing!!)

6. mark knopfler ( he shares the kudos, bein a part of dire straits and then alone!!)

7. nirvana (front man kurt kobaine.. wow!! drummer, basist both are good!)

8. marlyn manson ( umm… haven heard much of his songs, attitude.. he’s got that, i have reason for that)

9. radio head ( cool, smooth)

10. system of a down ( albanian quatret ?? yeah they rock.. vocalist.. amazing!! small time dissent voice from america)

11. iron maiden ( oh.. that song.. dont look to the eyes of stranger.. i have trodden miles.. listening to that song.)

12.RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE ( their name , shud be in caps! they deserve it, im so sad that i started listening to them very late.)

13. bob dylan ( haven heard much of his songs. but what ever i heard.. i like it.. )

14. u. srinivas (mandolin- this guy is great!!)

15. prasanna ( guitar- wow! great he is…)

16. black eyed peas ( i like them!!)

Again i would have missed out things.. remind me.. if so…

books :

1. psychic discoveries behind the iron curtain ( nice one, may the first book i read seriously)

2. zorba the greek ( kazantzakis)

3. catcher in the rye (j,d salinger)

4. in an antique land ( amitav ghosh)

5. metamorphosis ( just a story by franz kafka)

6. travelling with che guevara (alberto granado)

7. the bridge over the river drina ( ivo andric)

8. animal farm (george orwell)

9. the god of small things ( every body knows…)

10. vanity of dolouz (jack kerouac)

11. the aleph and other stories ( jose louis borges)

12. jail bird (kurt vonnegut)

thats it.. these movies.. books and music.. provoked thoughts in me.., i enjoyed it…
long way to go.. there is lot know about…

im so sceptical about things these days…… :)- i shud be right????

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  1. Pistolegriff said, on February 11, 2005 at 2:14 pm

    Pretty sentimental man.. reminded me of good old college days. Hey dude I know u’ll bite back at me after this mail.. I guess pink floyd should be in that list too man. they deserve it.. like I said “rejuvenated sadness”.. DMB is another class apart, every guy in that band is an entity himself.. moreover Dave is philosophical poet. I really don’t think SOAD made an impact because I really didn’t see anything great bout SOADs lyrics, they jus rock and that’s all it’s a full stop after that.. then there was Pearl Jam, Judas Priest… If anyone checks out this comment, then I guess they should get geared into listenin to Thin Lizzy and after all Whisky in Jar and all of us have a really long history.. speakin of Prasanna and U. Srinivas.. I guess you should listen to Prem Joshua and Manish Vyas.. and like they say music is the food of life.. Books (u know I’m bad at these) I liked Ben Okri s Famished Road man.. now u don’t need to include that… Movies u did miss out on some.. u missed out on Philadelphia.. I would rate it any day higher than Forrest Gump… another one is Alaipayuthey and Kannathil Muthamitaal.. Speakin of Philadelphia.. do u know that Tom Hanks, talked to AIDs patients in a particular hospital for a year.. fck that’s wht I call sheer interest man and dedication.. then let me see ummm…oh I forgot “Lord of the Rings” that was a great movie man.. now now.. I know that’s not ur cuppa cake.. but it has a very philosophical storyline to it man..
    Another damn good movie I had seen was “Life is Beautiful”.. then how could u forget “Blow” man.. we got Blown man… anyways u take care and I’ll jus keep thinking till I get some more..

  2. clash said, on February 16, 2005 at 6:58 am

    ummm… when i was writin this post i was sure that i will be missing some of those big names we have heard and seen. and for philadelphia.. dude.. i missed that movie. then alaipayuthe and kannathil… umm.. i liked them as movies.. but u know now i cant agree with maniratnam coz of his skewed representation of bombay. but i agree that alaipayuthe and kannathil .. is good movies… blow… how the hell did i miss it?? i really have no idea.. may be now days im not inclined to those kinda thoughts!! lord of the rings.. yeah.. thats not my cuppa coffee.. so lets leave it.
    music!! i know always it can create controversies, my liking of floyd and later my enlightenment which forced me to desert them and all. but i never told that they are bad. they deserve a place in list, as u told. dmb also… now SOAD is there in that lsit coz, they are the dissent voice thats coming from america now, as of now im ready to support any dissent voices… and now when they sing
    Modern globalization,
    Coupled with condemnations,
    Unnecessary death,
    Matador corporations,
    Puppeting your frustrations,
    With the blinded flag,
    Manufacturing consent,
    Is the name of the game,
    The bottom line is money,
    Nobody gives a fuck.
    4000 hungry children leave us per hour,
    From starvation,
    While billions are spent on bombs,
    Creating death showers.
    i think i will whole heartedly accept them. so they have a place in my list. now… thin lizzy.. they rock!! i have a tape which is a hard rock collection , its almost screwed up. but u know.. still i play that tape which produces creaking sounds just to hear thin lizzy!! judas preist..they also rock… dude.. thats all for now..

  3. W-Bix said, on September 17, 2005 at 7:51 am

    guys me going to come back to this list–i feel like am an alien now!

    more movies:
    Life is beautiful
    Mr and Mrs Iyer
    Hotel Rwanda–that be the one i just watched. Cried throughtout… go for it.
    The Hours
    Horse whisperer

    too many!! 🙂

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