Corporate Social Negligence!

masala mix :)-

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on February 9, 2005

in the journey of my life, on many occasions i have set out for train journeys. train journeys are

journeys inside a journey ‘ie’ the journey of life. train journeys become so boring at times,sometimes

they turn out to be interesting too. when you trod a journey alone, for me it is an occassion when i indulge in

some kind of self evaluation. things that you did, things that you are doing and those you are going to do.But rarley

did these evaluations effect me in a mamoth sense. this self evalutaion and conscience check is merely restricted inside the

compartment of the train. when you get out of the train, life is almost the same as before . may be thats why i have difficulties in

answering questions like: describe an incident that changed the course of your life?, an ethical dilema that you encountered. am i so

stoic a person???? may be these kind of situations never occured in my life…. blaaaah.. blaaaah……..

y’day night i heard a word maniac!! its not that i have not heard it before, but i heard it 3,4,5 times or more than that!! :)- that was …….

train journey:

people i met : one girl who studied with me long back. it is so obvious that i remember her very well and she doesnt remeber me.

bumped in to her and struck a conversation with her. i squandered her one hour ( of late, am i squandering valuable time of some people??? i have a doubt!!)

i gained nothing. lost nothing too.

a guy who is doing a crane operators course. we talked about movies,hawala and about the rich people in his place, that included a person who has opened

an electronic consumer goods factory in china, GEEPAS :)- funny rite??

some unprivileged people , who viped the compartment floor with a piece of cloth and begged for pennies. a harmonium waala with a sweet small kid who had a

srill voice that pierced in to my ears like darts when i was in a small nap. not only that i woke up, the song the kid was singing was one in which parveen babi has

acted (i have not heard the song,but have read abt it ) it disturbed me and pushed me in to thoughts. futile world :)-

the blind beggar whom i have been seeing for the past 16 or so years on various trains begging for some buck, who owns a 2 storeyed house and 3 autos which he gives on

rent. its a privilege to be a beggar at times :)-

2 chaps who run a bus body buliding shop in trichur . i struck up some conversations with these people about the cost , the materials involved in body buliding …..

lastly a voracious dude who spoke to me for about 4 hours continously. at times i got bugged, but dint bother coz i was not gettin sleep. he talked to me about his life,dogs parrots,

a samurai sword which he owned and music, i asked whether he stayed alone in cochin. he retorted that, loneliness has always been his companion and he pushes his time listening to BSB and

westlife. now i just thought, how dreaded a life that it can be… loneliness+BSB+westlife.. i wud have easliy avoided the last 2 and whole heartedly emraced lonelinees, u can atleast unleash your imagination.

in my time class we had a heated discussion “hollywood vs bollywood” .it was so unfortunate that we had a moderator who passed out from REC rourkela,who dislikes the kinds of manoj bajpai, ajay devagan( of late im a fan of him, stupendous perfomances in bhoot,company and zakhm)

and kamal hassan. this very same guy tells me that PEACE MAKER is a wonderful movie. whoa!! now i can understand what rec trichy makes out of one guy!! (i really dont remember, with our irresistable urge to watch a movie, me and blackout king manchu or chandrix got hold of peace maker

and watched it around 2 in the night. i just puked when george clooney cried out in ecstasy “lets rock n roll” when they crossed some border in a fighter jet. (bosnia??,serbia??? i aint bothered)

lastly : after a long hiatus of 8 years a football match returns to my home town.

we have a small stadium with the capacity of 35000, but people out here expressed the solidarity towards this wonderful game. the stadium was jam packed and nearly 45000 people turned out for the many dint even get in to the stadium, standing outside a listening to teh roraing inside.

neither BENNY HINN OR PARVEEN TOGADIA can draw such big crowd in our place. im happy about that.i regret that i couldnt turn up for this game.Calicut “i’ll never ditch you, will be back for the next game” . i know indian football is puny compared to the foreign standards. TEAMS RARELY MATTER, ITS THE SPIRIT OF OUR PLACE” !!

listening d12, reading jorge louis borges :aleph and other stories…. :)-

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  1. kuppivala said, on February 11, 2005 at 4:02 am

    ( of late, am i squandering valuable time of some people??? i have a doubt!!)

    yeahi think u r!!! even if u think u are, don’t ask them, becoz, they might be very eagerly listening to you and u spoil the fun by asking them, “am i killing you?” rude of you right??? so talk to people who tell u on ur face that “see…u r boring me!”

  2. clash said, on February 11, 2005 at 5:45 am

    ummmmmmmmmmm……… ahem…. ahem………. now that pretty difficult to do… lemme try!!

  3. W-Bix said, on September 17, 2005 at 7:45 am

    people definitely make life interesting dont they! and such variety there–yummy massala

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