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elections in india…

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on February 8, 2005

again.. im back with one of my first posts ever on a virtual interface…. i was writing about the elections in india… i always have skewed ideas.. this very post of mine iginited a chain of discussions in TIG.

Now that the elections are over and the congress party in india is going to make a new goverment. It was kind of big surprise, how did the congress and it allies toppled the ruling coalition NDA , headed by the communalist and narrow minded BJP. it was a surprise in the sense, i dont think that even the congress party would have thought that they are goin to make a govt. its funny, they are a party stricken with lot of infighting. They never have a consensus among them about their leadership and in their cadre we can find the most corrupted and infamous leaders of indian politics, so now the question is how did the ruling coalition got trounced?? even though they were claiming that india was shining. was it really?? or will it shine just b’coz some people in the higher strata start spending too much?? or just b’coz some costliest cars in the world starts sales in india?? i dont think so, even at some point during their ruling stint i also thought we are doing good, but the ground reality was something else.

So now if we take an overview of the election we can find that, in some urban areas where we saw some kind of “shining” because of the total industry oriented policies introduced by the last goverment ( industry oriented means, not any small scale industry or somethin all for the big shots in the industry), in these urban areas also they lost. Now this can be heralded as the victory of indian democracy(not because i am thinking congress will be a better goverment!!),even though the last goverment did lot of things orienting this election, they even sent our cricket team to pakistan, where they could have had all kind of security problems, i am tellin this because, if AL QUEDA can bomb in madrid to kill some innocent civilians, they could have easily done that in pakistan, for heaven sake that did not happen, if that had happened, i am sure that BJP will not return to power till dooms day!

And on top of this they did lot of buffoonery projecting a “poet prime minister” :Mr VAJPAYEE, he was supposed to be the icon of compassion and love and was projected as the greatest of all pm’s in india, and this is when we had such prime ministers like nehru and indira gandhi. Anyway, i think they tried their best. They tried evoking our sentiments as an Hindu, that also did not work out. How can u be a human if you cannot tolerate your next door neighbour, just because he is a muslim or from some other religion? Is that the meaning of being a hindu and voraciously talking about a great Bharath(name for india from the past)??

if someone out here is keeping in track of india’s politics, would like to hear their views on this!

some comments i got for this:

I believe the NDA lost the elections because they got complacent and they didn’t campaign well enough! Also of late… winning an election in India as all about making the right pre-poll alliances as coalition politics is here to stay. It is here that the NDA made some blunders.

Considering the individual results at the polls, the Congress have 145 and the BJP has 115. That isn’t much of a difference, moreover both sides are a far cry away from the 272 mark. Even if you consider the alliances, the Congress+ have 215 and the NDA has 189, even then both sides are short of the mark. Which allows the Left with 64 seats to play kingmaker and its quite obvious that they would support a Congress backed government at the Centre.

The “India Shining” campaign was premature, and blown out of proportions, and definitely did work against the BJP. Also… had the BJP allowed its second rung leadership to contest in the polls, it would have strengthened its image as a cadre-based democratic party. Instead most of the campaign focussed only on Atal Behari Vajpayee and his leadership. There is no doubt that Vajpayee is one of the finest Prime Ministers we’ve ever had… but you cannot have such a singular focus on leadership in a pluralistic democracy like ours. And doing so only amounts to suicide at the polls which is precisely what happened.

As for cricketing ties with Pakistan, I see that has a good start to the peace initiative between the two nations. And… I am surprised that you can drag Al-Qayeeda into Indo-Pak Relations. It just shows your ignorance of our history…. and the exact nature of the problem between the countries

i retorted:

my great friend greyarmadillo,

i was never dragging that fundametalist organisation in between india and pakistan.i just told that if they can bomb in madrid, they could have easily done that in pakistan.i agree that may be my knowledge of history is less than that of yours. but i always wanted to imply that the cricket series that was projected as a peace initiaitve by the BJP goverment was farce and totally election oriented.

And now about vajpayee,he is only a facade over fasictic agenda these people wanted to supplant over the great indian national liberation movement. And these people never took part in the indian national struggle for independence.fascism ,if at all it has any meaning in asiatic context has to be verified with the grotesque double speak of this person called vajpayee. And now after all these years what is being seen is a sort of media hype, totally antithetical to the very idea of the nation.i do not belive him neither a statesman nor even a wanton poet . Great nehru and his legacy has always cast a long brightening shadow over the indian youth for genearations to come. Any how i am releived that such double speak have become part of the dung heap of history. :)- gheee hee heeee….

now i shud mention that here in this lively discussion, i could drag in blackout manchu, haifz bhai and murali bhai.. he he..

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  1. Pistolegriff said, on February 9, 2005 at 2:07 pm

    Hey dude well written, but i would like to point out a few things if you don’t mind. I agree that Vajpayee would have been a good PM… but eventually what fucked up the NDA was India Shining.. but i guess India did really shine in the metros… but thats not what the ppl want is it… and considering the fact that farmers were suiciding in AP and lot of other things to follow up.. i definitely think that “India Shining” were the 2 wrong words to be used in the campaign. The NDA campaign looked more like a cricket team with Vajpayee as the captain and Advani as its vice captain.. but the folly for the NDA was that Advani and Murali Manohar Joshi were linked to the Babri Masjid case at the right time… Add to their woes, the NDA did worse by groping about their strategies.. but neverthless i could say one thing.. atleast the NDA government did setup a basic infrastructure wherein the rest of the upcoming govts could rebuilt themselves on this platform.

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