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puzzled all the way….

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on January 11, 2005

For the last 2 or 3 days i have been browsing through some blogs, to my surprise majority of them were almost like scribblings in a personal diary, day to day experiences and all. I was surprised,for me when i thought of a blog, the first thing that came to my mind was expressing my thoughts ,feelings and opinions about issues, not the daily happeinings in my life( may be i am not courageous enough to write about them,may be an escapade from the grim reality that haunts… me.. whatever!!). Altogether have my blogs turned out to be prose pieces incongruously written with foolish purpose of escaping the reality?? is that one should do?? i really dont know…nevertheless i enjoy being all up in arms against things that i dont like :)-

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