Corporate Social Negligence!

An epilogue to the anti imperialsim rhetoric ….

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on January 11, 2005

so how do you convince the rest of the world that you are actually carried out a mission in which you encountered a trillion hardships and in the fag end you liberated the place and the people out there are the happiest in the world? yeah you got the media, you are constantly fed with false news over and over,and you are made to believe that, the false is truth!! and u got movies (live from baghdad…..) which inexplicably shows the crass cruelty done by the indigenous people because they can never match you with their culture or education, so they are just barbaric!! (if there is a charismatic hero among them, you can think of doing business by his identity, throug T-shirts,caps posters che guvera :)- .. i know it is easy for people who are even ready to sell their body for earning money! its all about money and profesionalism)

Is this enough to convince rest of the world?? No. It is not. Here comes the bombardment of the markets which are not closed anymore with items that are usual and that are not.Create a shopping frenzy society. To relieve tension you shop, in leisure time you shop, make your hobby shopping!! Then its very easy, when you are deprived of these items you feel clumsy, these gadgets or whatever becomes inexplicable, so that you can never tell no to the people who supply this.This is an easy way to keep your mouth shut.Incesant supply of gadgets and things that you always fancy will always help to generate a feel good atmosphere. Mind you, this is not done only in the liberated places but in almost all parts of the world.This brings you in to another kind of opprerssion.You are controlled by the is easy to get sucked in to this quagmire. it is a world order now. With lot of shame even i have to agree that I AM A PREY TO THIS PLOY (even though tryin to get rid of this)

So by now, it will be clear to everyone that whom i am reffering as the “real evil”. they are a curse to earth.if anybody on earth thinks that they are here to liberate us, it is a facade and it will be the biggest folly!!. So from now onwards lets all come together , start listening to some RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE,THE CLASH read some ARUNDAHTI ROY,HOWARD ZINN watch some MICHAEL MOORE and charge ourselves to take this “raging bull” by its horns.Not to forget the umpteen deeds of our heroes of the bygone era.


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