Corporate Social Negligence!


Posted in Uncategorized by clash on January 5, 2005

terrible..yeah.. These words pretty much can explain the situation around me.It has been a spiralling path to the deep down.So quick i traversed through it, but in reality its not so! A gradual degreadtion of my “self”.it is horrendous to realise that there has been not even a single stride upwards.Im going deeper and deeper in to a hell hole. why dint the tsunami take me away?i would have been much happier, if was in one of those mass graves.The fury of mother earth unleashed upon you and you succumb to that. Not bad at all.But as always,it struck with vengeance upon the wrong ones, who longed to live or those who would have had a glimmer of hope ,that their hands will get stuck on to somehthing so that they can hold on, withstanding the enormous pull by which sea was sucking them.i would have enjoyed that ride,my head and my body hitting and twisting on the obstructions caused by stones and hedges,but never would have tried to grab on to anything,so that im left over on this cruel land.Sea would have sucked me in to it.With blood sprouting out from my body parts ,i would have been in salt water with an aura of red ,due to the blood.Sea would have been rough ,so no chance of swimming and escaping (i dont know swimming either).Without much difference compared to the land, i would have traversed a downward path gobbling the salt water through my mouth and nose and by each minute growing plumper and plumper. i dont know whether you will touch the sea bed,but one thing im sure about is that after some period of time ,you will start floating in the sea.A chopper scrutinizing the whole area will hook you up and put on the land,from their to the mass grave.I would like to float in the sea for days, be a meal for the fish,vulture and some other living organisms that would like to devoure my corpse. Atlast, let that be a whole hearted help from my side to the nature!!(deep condolences for those who lost their lives and property and more over had the urge to continue living.)

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  1. W-Bix said, on September 17, 2005 at 7:39 am


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