Corporate Social Negligence!


Posted in Uncategorized by clash on January 5, 2005

am pretty happy for myself now. i finished reading “the catcher in the rye”.Mr. salinger had done a commendable job!!i aint no one to pass a comment like this, but have to. I really liked the way the book has been written.But it is shameful on my part to admit thati never read this book earlier, because i think i should have read this long back. this is a problem pertaining to me.I never read right books at right time, thats what i feel. what i mean to tell is that, for almost everyone the process of reading books spirals upwards”ie” almost everyone starts off with books that can be easily dealt with , when they start reading. its like may be some Agatha christie or some Sydeney sheldon or may be some Fed Forsyth, and then get to serious stuff.(exceptions will always be there!!).But in my case i never read anything till i was 16. That is horrendous.I actually dint find much time to read books during these 16 years and ofcourse in this 16 include the time when you are really small,may be i can cut down around 4 yrs and make it horrendous 12 yrs.i rarely kept my hands on anyhthing that looks like a book,that was out of my curriculum.i was all the time running around playing football,cricket orwhatever i can but never grabbed a when i sat down to trace the history of my “reading”, i just had to rewind my life only for 7 yrs.but the very starting of this 7 yrs was really horrible.i still remember, me eargerly taking a membership in the city library and used to frequent that place coz some chicks used to come down there.i did not have any idea about the books,but used to search each and every row and column of books and used to spend lil more time in scanning the book when i encounter a chick!! it was just fun ,kind of showing off too.most of the time i will be glancing through some serious book,like autobiography of chaplin and someother serious authors.i swear i dint know anything about these books. the sad part of all these is that i neither struck up any conversations with these chicks nor did i take any of those Harrold Robins book from there, in this stupideagreness to show off.i always knew,that business was not gonna go for long, and it dint .inever stepped in to that place after my one year hollow stint.i had some membership fee pending,i never bothered to pay it, they sent scores of lettershome reminding me about it,i never bothered and one day i got a letter telling my membership was terminated.i never felt touchy or something. i never cared for it. So some attempts to start reading something got bombed in a awkward manner!!during this time neither issac assimov nor leo tolstoy could have induced reading in me ,coz i was never interested in both of short the reason for me not reading was simple, there was no story or prose that could have aroused my interest,may be there would have been , but i never found one. But as time passed by i heard about ESP , people bending spoons by looking at them and things like that.Ah! i was drawn in to the quagmire of parapsychology. a search in my fathers book collection made me find out some books about the reaearch that has been carried out in russia during the communist regime in parapsychology.i grabbed it, devoured too… Obviously encountered all the problems of a rookie,but some how managed to complete it.thats it. i read the first book! .. to be continued

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