Corporate Social Negligence!

Anti imperialism rhetoric!!

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on January 5, 2005

its high time!!i will not mince my words when i have to speak about facts that haunt me. A serious inquisition about the new world order,of late has been making me nothing more than an insomniac.People are butchered all around the world in the name of humnity!a sovereign nation is attacked and looted to glory (many more are on the verge of getting attcked).Protestors are gathering in every nook and corner of earth.Eminemt personalities are campaigning against this new order, but what is the end result?? The “real evil” buldoze everything and is moving forward. Above all, there is this mortal fear , a bomb can be exploded or dropped in my place at any time by this very “real evil”.For them reasons are abundant, it can be, we are governed by a communal regime or it can be the oppositon party in my state: the communists. it is not forgotten by everyone in my place that CIA people came down to our place to topple the very first democratically elected communist govt, joining hands with other parties prevailing in the state. (so the communists ca be a bigger reason for the bomb being dropped in my place, because all these while on earth unscrupulous attrocities have been carried out in the name of fighting this so called evil:communism.) Although an egalitarian state was the prime idea of communist regimes, at times these regimes turned out to be bureaucratic morass constricting the basic ideas of of free speech and expression of the people leading to overall discontent. This is where democarcy championed.This situation was explioted by the “real evil” in a mamoth sense, who wanted to establish a so called free society minus communism. They almost achieved this dream. But what has world in total gained out of this?? .We better take a plunge in to the cauldron of hsitory. It gets revealed that, these forces which forught communism till its obliteration, never did anything good for the mankind. All they did is massacring scores of heroes who valiantly fought against the “real evil”.These heroes were smart enough to forsee, what really is going to happen. They were comprehensively butchered! The list of names are unending, right from CHE in the latin america to Patrice lumumba in africa. it was all about freedom and what really happened in the name of freedom is so clear to everyone!How did the “real evil” achieve this??? whether its africa,asia or latin america , a subaltern process of siphoning the wealth was carried out in the name of establishing freedom. All liberated places where christened with new rulers who actually worked as mere puppets of the “real evil”. so it was easy, you have with you some corporates, send them to do business in these places, they will meticulously carry out their business, if its oil, they will drill it and sell it, make profits out of this. A share of this is given to the new ruler. on every continent we can see rulers of this be continued……

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